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Ornamental Steel Introduction

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Key Features of our Ornamental Steel Fences

Ornamental steel fences are a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties in Wyoming. One of the key benefits of ornamental steel fences is their unmatched durability and strength. Ornamental steel is a very strong material that can withstand harsh weather conditions, impacts, and even attempts at intrusion. In addition to their strength, ornamental steel fences add an attractive and sophisticated look to any Wyoming property. They come in a variety of designs and styles, ranging from simple to ornate, which can complement the architectural style of the property. Additionally, ornamental steel fences are low-maintenance, meaning they require minimal upkeep over their lifespan. This makes them a cost-effective choice for Wyoming property owners looking for a long-lasting and visually appealing fencing solution.

Strong Ornamental Steel Posts
Choose your gauge for the strength you need, whether it's residential, commercial, or industrial grade. Our ornamental steel posts are designed for maximum longevity and attractive accents to your property's fence.

Premium Rails
Designed to hold every picket to the post, ornamental steel rails are installed in either 2 rails, 3` rails, or 4 rails depending on the design you need. The durable powder-coat finish provides a low-maintenance, long-lasting finish for maximum strength and protection.

High-Quality Ornamental Steel Pickets
Choose picket panels from 4', 5', or 6' high in the style you prefer. The style you choose can have a modern look with a flat top, or be designed with spear tops for a little more flourish and security. All of our ornamental steel fences are built to be rackable (follow the terrain) and come with a long-term warranty for your peace of mind.

Our Wide Variety of Steel Fencing Types

Ornamental fencing options come in many elegant, durable styles to suit your property's most important needs.

Residential Steel Fencing - SWi Wyoming

Residential Steel Fence

When you are looking for the style of wrought iron fencing without the high maintenance and costs, our residential steel fencing fits the bill with our light weight, strong, American-made ornamental fences that can work at every home.

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Commertial Steel Fencing - SWi Wyoming

Commercial Steel Fence

As the standard for security fencing, our ornamental steel fences made for commercial properties are the next level of strength to match the important need of protecting your business space.

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Industrial Steel Fencing - SWi Wyoming

Industrial Steel Fence

Industrial steel fencing from SWi is made with the full strength of industrial grade steel but with a lighter weight for a more economical solution.

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What Sets Our Ornamental Steel Fencing Apart

With a lot of different brands of ornamental steel on the market, ours is a cut above the rest.

E-Coat Surface Protection - SWi Wyoming

E-Coat Surface Protection

Our superior process protects against corrosion with a unique four-layered system of protection against the elements.

ProFusion Welding Technology - SWi Wyoming

ProFusion Welding Technology

Our ornamental steel fencing uses this specialized technology for welding, creating nearly invisible connections at every joint for an attractive look and ease of installation.

American Act - SWi Wyoming

Buy American Act

Our ornamental steel products are Made in America and meet the standard with all post, panel and components for the BAA.

20 Year Warranty - SWi Wyoming

20 Year Warranty

Every steel fence we install in Wyoming undergoes an 11-stage E-Coat process and is backed by a 20 year warranty.

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