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We are more than a fence company! As the premier fence company for the great state of Wyoming, SWi Fence is able to cater to all your fence & gate installation needs and automatic gate operator operations requirements.

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Welcome to SWi Fence Gate & Supply. SWi is Wyoming's largest full service fence and automatic gate company with multiple locations to better serve you.

SWi Fence, LLC has an unrivaled reputation for quality service. SWi Fence is more than a fence company. SWi Fence is able to cater to all of your commercial or residential fence installation, and automatic gate operator requirements.

  • An unrivaled reputation for quality service
  • We are a fully insured and bonded company
  • We meet all state and national installation requirements
  • Commercial & residential fence installation
  • Automatic gate operators
  • Specialized maintenance program to keep your fence installation and automatic gate operators at their optimum year around.
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Fencing Applications

How Are You Planning on Using Your Fence?

Wyoming Commercial Fence Installation Company

WyomingCommercial Fencing

As the leading commercial fence company in the state of Wyoming, we are proud to be trusted by so many businesses across the state.

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Wyoming Residential Fence Installation Company

WyomingResidential Fencing

We are locally owned and operated with offices across the state of Wyoming. Our owners, managers, and installers are all proud residents of the great state of Wyoming!

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Wyoming Industrial Fence Installation Company

WyomingAgricultural Fencing

Our strong agricultural fences are the perfect option for protecting crops, defining property borders, and keeping horses and livestock safe on your Wyoming property.

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Fencing Services

How we help Wyoming homeowners and business owners.

Wyoming Aluminum Fence Contractor

Wyoming Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences are a popular choice for Wyoming residents. They offer unmatched beauty and elegance combined with maintenance-free lifetime care.

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Wyoming Chain Link Fence Contractor

Wyoming Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is popular for a large number of residential and commercial fencing applications across the entire state of Wyoming.

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Wyoming Vinyl Fence Contractor

Wyoming Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing is a popular choice for privacy fencing across the region. The lifetime waranty and maintenance-free care is a huge benefit!

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Wyoming Wood Fence Contractor

Wyoming Wood Fence

Nothing matches the traditional look of Wyoming like a beautiful wood fence. We use only top-quality materials and expert installation techniques to ensure a long-lasting fencing solution for you.

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Wyoming Gates Installation Company

Wyoming Gates

If you have a fence, you also need gates. We specialize in high-quality, long-lasting gates for every situation. Don't under-estimate the importance of great gates ... we can help!

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Wyoming Gate Operators and Service Company

Wyoming Gate Operators

Gate operators are a great choice for Wyoming residents. The very first time you don't have to get out of your car to open your gate in the snow or rain - will be worth the cost!

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member - American Fence Association (AFA)

Proud Member of the American Fence Association

SWi Fence is proud to be a member of the American Fence Association - the largest and most comprehensive resource in the fencing industry for both fence craftsmen and the public. Since 1962, this crucial association has been educating and supporting fencing contractors with the latest developments, tools, materials, standards, trends, and discounts, ensuring best practices for all. As a proud member of the AFA, you can be sure that every fence or gate installation you receive from the team at SWi Fence meets the highest standards of our industry and prioritizes the safety and satisfaction of our clients.

Our founder and owner, Mark Olson, has been in the fencing industry for over 30 years, and SWi Fence was founded in 2014.

We have several offices across Wyoming and into Montana. Our offices are in Casper, Cheyenne, Jackson, and Powell, Wyoming, with our main store in Cody.

No matter where you are in Wyoming, SWi Fence is there to help protect your home or business with a great fence!

Of course! As Wyoming's leading fence company, we do not take shortcuts or cut corners. We are fully licensed and insured. We are also certified fence professionals and belong to multiple business and trade organizations. It is our commitment to being the best fence company in Wyoming and in the entire U.S.

Absolutely! As one of the most trusted residential and commercial fencing contractors in Wyoming, we stand behind our work.

Warranty on Fence Materials

We use professional-grade materials and only work with high-quality fence manufacturers. This means you are protected with excellent manufacturer warranties on fencing materials (in most cases). Each fence type and fence manufacturer is different. Our fence experts will guide you to the best solution for your situation - making sure you receive the maximum protection and peace of mind for your residential fence or commercial fence in Wyoming!

Workmanship Warranty on Fence Installations

Our installers are expertly trained for all types of residential and commercial fencing. We are experienced with the specific soil conditions and other factors that impact the strength and resilience of fences installed in Wyoming. We stand behind our work and offer a workmanship warranty on all residential fences we install. Please talk to our fence experts to get the full details of the workmanship warranty for your specific project, and feel confident that working with SWi Fence means you never have to worry about our quality or our support!

Our company has the reputation and experience necessary to handle all types of fencing jobs both with residential properties as well as commercial and agricultural spaces. We run our business with integrity and quality and work to provide every customer with the security solutions they need most. When you need a custom job done, our team is prepared to handle it from design to completion. The scale of our company results in our ability to provide dependable and experienced service from start to finish. We are proud to be longstanding members of the AFA and we always meet or exceed ASTM standards. Reach out today and speak with one of our team members to get your questions answered and your fence project in Wyoming started.

Yes! We often use our professional expertise to help customers with the best fence design to fit their needs. Our team of pros is happy to help you with any questions you may have and find the best fencing solution available.

Getting a fence estimate is easy! Simply click on our Instant Online Quote tool to get a fast quote in minutes! You can choose from all of our fence designs and types and get an estimate based on the size of your property and fence layout. If you'd like to speak to one of our sales associates first, reach out to our office anytime.

Whether privacy and security are what you're looking for, or if a more decorative touch is your goal, we provide top-quality residential, commercial, and agricultural fencing solutions that have proven popular and durable with your friends and neighbors across the state of Wyoming.

Residential Fences

You can count on our top-quality materials, expert installation, and craftsmanship on every Wyoming residential fence we install for stylish and durable fencing for your home.

  • Wood Fencing - Our Western Red Cedar and Cypress wood fencing is a popular choice in Wyoming for its traditional and customizable features.
  • Aluminum Fencing - For Wyoming homes in need of fencing that is durable, low-maintenance, and provides an elegant border, aluminum fencing is a great choice.
  • Vinyl Fencing - Wyoming homeowners find a perfect match with vinyl fencing due to its low maintenance, durable, and long-lasting material.
  • Chain Link Fences - A strong and cost-effective choice, our chain link fencing is available in galvanized or PVC finishes, with optional privacy slats.
  • Ornamental Steel - To achieve the style of wrought iron fencing without the high maintenance and costs, choose our lightweight, strong ornamental steel.

Commercial Fences

Whether you need an industrial fence, construction fence, oil company fence, or a light commercial fence for your property, we work with you to build strong, custom-built commercial fence solutions catered to your specific business needs.

  • Chain Link Fences - Chain link fences provide Wyoming businesses with affordability, durability, and security for a cost-effective and reliable fencing solution.
  • Aluminum Fencing - For businesses, aluminum fences deliver exceptional durability, low maintenance requirements, and a sleek aesthetic that enhances the professional appearance of commercial properties.
  • Ornamental Steel - Wyoming businesses enjoy the elegance, strength, and security of ornamental steel fences to enhance their professional image and provide long-lasting protection for commercial properties.
  • Vinyl Fencing - A practical and visually appealing solution for Wyoming commercial properties, vinyl fencing features long-lasting durability, minimal maintenance, and a wide range of styles.
  • Wood Fencing - Commercial wood fences offer a combination of durability, natural beauty, and cost-effectiveness for businesses seeking a functional and visually appealing solution.

Agricultural Fences

Available in many different configurations to meet your needs for livestock containment, property line definition, or to enhance the look of your farm property our agricultural fencing is a durable and attractive choice.

  • Agricultural Split-Rail Fence - A great choice due to its rustic charm, low maintenance requirements, and ability to define boundaries while preserving an open and natural aesthetic.
  • Post Fencing with Wire Inserts - An excellent choice for agricultural fencing, as it provides a sturdy and secure barrier, ensures livestock containment, and allows for unobstructed visibility of the surrounding areas.
  • Post and Board Agricultural Fence - This option offers a versatile and cost-effective solution for livestock enclosures, providing a sturdy structure that combines functionality with a classic aesthetic.
  • Vinyl Rail Fence - A popular choice for agricultural fencing, offering durability, easy maintenance, and a clean appearance that enhances the overall aesthetics of the property while ensuring reliable containment for livestock.
Mark Olson - owner of SWi Wyoming Fence Company

About SWi

My name is Mark Olson and I am the Founder and President of SWi Fence. I have been installing fences in Wyoming for over 28 years.

In 2014, my brother Alan and I founded SWi Fence, establishing our Corporate headquarters in Powell, Wyoming.

Since then we have opened several more locations, and are still growing to better serve the great state of Wyoming. SWi Fence, LLC is proud to be Wyoming's largest and most trusted fence company.

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Wyoming Aluminum Residential Fence Project
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Wyoming Chain Link Fence Project
Wyoming Chain Link Fence Project
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