Industrial Fencing in Wyoming

Growing our Business with Industrial Fencing

It should not surprise you that a fencing company started in Wyoming entered the business with agricultural fencing projects. We learned a lot, grew our customer base and steadily expanded into both the residential and commercial fencing arena. Now we are one of the largest fence companies in the state, and regularly handle some of the biggest industrial fencing projects out there. We are an industry leader when it comes to industrial fence installation, with the track record to prove it.

Over the years we have constructed over 1500 fences, collectively covering an area of over 200,000 square miles. Some of the largest segments of that impressive area were covered by the diligent members of our industrial fencing team. We have handled industrial fencing projects of all shapes and sizes, and been able to meet our clients needs on each and every single one. Some of our most satisfied customers are from industrial fencing jobs we completed on time and on budget.

All Sorts of Industrial Fencing

SWi, LLC is an industry leader, and one of the biggest fencing companies in the state for a reason, and that reason is that we have truly seen and done it all. We have worked on nearly every type of fence imaginable, from agricultural to residential to commercial and even industrial fencing. We have constructed industrial fences out of all sorts of different materials, including chain link and cedar, just to name a few. We have even built specialty construction fences for some of our industrial fencing clients.

So when we say we do it all, we mean it when it comes to industrial fencing. Continued training in industrial fencing is important to us, and many of our employees have achieved the titles of Certified Fence Professional and Certified Automated Gate Operator Installer through the AFA. We want to be certain that we are capable of handling any variety of industrial fencing you might throw at us, and this includes getting the right safety certifications.

All of our employees undergo rigorous safety training so that they will be able to work in all fields that might require industrial fencing, and you can see our many safety certifications listed on our website. Some of these include the Safeland 8-hour course, which all of our employees go through, and even the OSHA 30-hour course. This means we can handle just about any industrial fencing project you can throw at us, and will complete the project not only on time and on budget, but also safely.

Solving Problems with Industrial Fencing

Industrial fencing is a unique field, and it comes with its own distinctive set of issues that need to be resolved before a project can be completed. There are many times where we have faced some sort of unique challenge when it came to an industrial fencing project we were engaged to complete. We have found a way to solve each one and complete the industrial fence, from impossible to auger through rock, to massive 650 pound posts, to a complicated prison addition including pedestrian gates. In the case of the latter, the Wyoming Department of Corrections was so pleased, they had us handle even more upgrades to security at different locations.

When faced with a problem while building an industrial fence, we find a way to solve it that leaves everyone pleased with the result. We have fixed all sorts of industrial fencing problems in the past, and are confident that we will continue to do so. Which is just one of the many reasons you should hire SWi. LLC for all your industrial fencing needs.

The Best in the Business for Industrial Fencing

By now, you have read about how SWi has the skills, training, and safety certifications necessary to handle just about any industrial fencing project you can dream up. You have also learned about some of the many different industrial fencing problems we faced while on the job, and how we managed to solve each one and complete the project. All of this speaks to the fact that we are the best choice for any industrial fencing project in the western United States.

That is right, we are not just in Wyoming anymore. We are now licensed to design and build industrial fences in Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and Oregon. You can bet that no matter how difficult the technical requirements, how strict the safety requirements, or how tight the schedule is for your industrial fence, we are the company best suited to handle it.

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