Each ornamental steel fence in Ameristar’s Montage line has a variety of decorative accents to add your own personal style to your fence and make it your very own.

What Are Finials and Adornments?

A finial is a decorative topper that is affixed to the top of an open picket on the Genesis style of Montage ornamental steel. An adornment fits in between/on the face of top rails on 3-rail panels.


Graphics of Montage Aluminum Finial Types

  • If your fence design has 4” airspace between pickets, then you will need 21 finials per panel.
  • If you have a 3” airspace between pickets, then you will need 26 finials per panel. 
  • You can also opt to put a cap topper on the top of alternating pickets and only add a finial to alternating pickets to further customize your ornamental steel fence.


Photo of Aluminum Montage Adornments

  • 11 adornments required per panel
  • Made of die-cast aluminum / Corona pressed steel

Quality With Ameristar’s Montage Fencing Products

If you are looking for unprecedented beauty and strength in Wyoming fencing then ornamental steel by Ameristar is what you want. The Montage line from Ameristar applies the most advanced manufacturing technology to ensure superior strength and a maintenance-free finish that lasts year after year. 

You can get more information about SWi Fence’s Ornamental Steel offerings on our website. Also, see the full details of the Montage Ornamental Steel fencing products and Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Ameristar website.

Authorized Dealer of Montage Brand Fencing

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