Ameristar’s Montage line of swing gates are the perfect element to complete an ornamental steel fence. Here are some of the best reasons why you’ll want to have one installed by a professional Wyoming gate company like SWi Fence!

Strong Quality Gate Construction

Ameristar’s Montage Swing Gates are fabricated by welding at all intersections. This means Montage gates won’t sag. Typical aluminum gates that are assembled with small screws, can support only a third of the weight capacity of the stronger Montage gates.

Superior Features of Montage Swing Gates:

  • Superior welded steel strength
  • Galvanized steel base with E-coat finish that consists of moisture-resistant epoxy covered with weather-resistant acrylic
  • Available in styles to match Montage ornamental steel fencing
  • Heavy steel components welded at every joint
  • Welded gusset plates on all corners, truss cable included to assure no-sag installation
  • Heavy duty mounting hardware included
  • Manufacturer 1-year warranty included

Single vs. Double Swing Gates

Here are some important considerations that go into deciding whether a single or double swing gate is right for your property. 

Swing Distance

A 12’ single swing gate requires twice the free space when compared to a double swing gate. With a double swing gate, your space requirements are halved as each gate panel will swing only 6′.


Double swing gates can accommodate wider driveway openings than a single swing gate. The full weight of the material required to span the width of the driveway is shared between two posts, rather than one. 

Opening Direction

Single and double swing gates can open in either an inward direction or an outward direction. Inward is usually the best. With an inward direction, it is important to consider room for the gate to open as well as extra room for objects like a car behind the gate.


Most cities and towns have restrictions on outward opening gates. It is important to ensure the gate does not obstruct any sidewalk crossing your property or open into the street. 

Cost Differences

A single swing gate will cost a bit less, as it requires almost half of the hardware (i.e. hinges, bolts, hinge posts, receiving posts) that would be required in a double swing gate.


Double swing gates require more hardware, engineering, and installation time so they will cost more than a single swing gate.


You can learn more about SWi Fence’s Ornamental Steel offerings on our website. Also, see the full details of the Montage Ornamental Steel fencing and gates on the Ameristar website.


Trust the Pros For Quality Montage Swing Gates

SWi Fence is proud to be a top Wyoming fence company that offers the Ameristar Montage line of fencing and gates. If you have questions about swing gates and fencing, we’re here to help. You can reach us at (866) 754-0120 or contact us online for fast, friendly service!