Wood Fence Spring Prep Checklist

Warmer Spring weather is coming to the region and it’s about that time to freshen up your yard, and that includes your Wyoming wood fence. Before the gorgeous outdoor days begin to come in full force, it’s a great opportunity to get that cleaning and organizing itch and get your space ready for sunny days at home with friends and family. 

Take our advice and follow these few steps to take the best care of your Wyoming wood fence.

1. Give Your Fence a Complete Inspection

Start to take inventory of the total condition of your fence by walking the length of it on both sides and checking for any loose or warped boards, discolored areas or stains starting to develop. Put a little pressure on each post to test the stability and check for the beginnings of rot that can sometimes happen.


Especially check out all of the joints and seams of your Wyoming wood fence for any signs of potential issues. As you do regular check-ups on your fence through each new season or a couple of times a year, you’ll be able to avoid serious problems by fixing the small ones before they have a chance to grow into larger, more expensive ones.

2. Inventory Repairs Needed Now and Later

When you check your wood fence regularly, you’ll get used to spotting potential issues right away and you can be aware how long it’s most likely been developing. Make a list of any boards that need to be replaced, areas needing cleaning and color that’s discolored or faded. 


Each board that may be cracked, warped, or rotted can be replaced individually and the same is true for each post. Mold or mildew areas can be cleaned with a special wood cleaner, and discolored areas can indicate that it’s time to repaint or stain soon.

3. Clean Stains and Dirt Buildup on Your WY Wood Fence

It’s important to keep your wood fence free and clear of large stains or mildew build up to keep it from spreading to other parts of your fence or even other structures in your yard that may be up against your fence. 

Wood fences are the most susceptible to mold or moss, but it’s interesting to note that even non porous metal yard structures can be a carrier for mold growth when there’s high humidity, flooding or other poorly ventilated areas. 


A variety of different cleaners can be used depending on the intensity of your problem. If the mold or dirt on your fence is just a light dusting, washing it down with a hose may be enough. If you need the next level, a pressure washer might be a good idea. If there are stains that need something more, there are other gentle cleaners you can use. Just as with cracks and rot, the more often you can check for any dirt on your fence, the easier it will be to keep it from developing larger, more stubborn stains later on.

4. Landscaping Yard Clean Up


As new blossoms are beginning at your Wyoming property, it’s a good time to trim your landscaping, lay down new mulch, and prepare for the new season of growth. Keeping your plants trimmed will not only look great, but it will keep your plants from growing too close to your fence or creating overgrowth that could attach itself to your wood fence and create damage. 

5. Refinish Your Wyoming Wood Fence

After a few years, wood fences need to be repainted or restained to keep it protected and looking new. There’s no better time than the Spring to spruce it up! Check your wood fence to see the condition of the surface, the vibrancy of the color, and if there are any cracks or breaks in the material. Both stain and paint are great options. Whichever you choose, be sure it’s a quality brand, or reach out to the professionals to get the job done for you.

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