7 Vinyl Fence Benefits

In Wyoming, protecting your loved ones and your belongings in addition to creating beautiful living and working space is high on the priority list. One terrific way you can accomplish all of those goals in one is  to install a vinyl fence. What are the main advantages of vinyl? Let’s take a look at our top favorites.

1. Weather Protection with Vinyl Fences

Of all the ways to get protection from the elements in your yard, vinyl fencing is a favorite. The cold climate of Wyoming through much of the year and the tendency to get lots of snow and other severe weather prompts us to mention the advantages of vinyl fencing, and specifically solid panel privacy fencing. On a windy day, a solid vinyl privacy fence can provide the buffer you need to protect your landscaping, plants and outdoor furniture. A vinyl fence can also create some shade from direct sunlight to give your plants or yourself a break from the heat. 

2. Vinyl Fences Keep Children and Pets Safe in Wyoming

Keep your children and pets safe inside your yard with a vinyl fence. They are a perfect choice as a type of fence that is low maintenance, looks great, and is made of a plastic material that will not splinter or rot. Wood fences or aluminum fences and even chain link can be used to keep your pets and children secure, but vinyl fences are versatile in style and can be privacy or open, tall or shorter and are incredibly long lasting without fading or warping. 


Vinyl privacy fences may be your best bet for the higher level of security as they create solid panels and no spaces for a small animal or child to squeeze through. You’ll know nothing is going out of the fence without using the gate!

3. Mark Clear Boundaries with Vinyl Fencing in Wyoming

Avoid the vulnerability of allowing your property open to trespassers by adding a vinyl fence that clearly marks and sets the boundary. Check your legal property lines and any municipal guidelines about where a fence can be placed and then call the professionals at SWi Fence to install your Wyoming vinyl fence. 


When you have close neighbors, it’s always a good idea to consider how your fence installation may affect them, too. Of course, it’s completely your choice about what to do with your own property, but part of taking care of your space is creating a great community as well. Take time to talk to your neighbors and who knows? Maybe they wanted a fence, too, and you can share some of the cost or coordinate the installations together.

4. Create Full Privacy with Wyoming Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing in Wyoming is the most popular approach to create a private, comfortable place for your yard. From hosting backyard parties to providing your children with a quiet, safe place to play freely, there are privacy styles of vinyl fences that will create an amazing environment. It’s right there in the name! Let vinyl privacy fence provide you and your family with the privacy you need to live together and enjoy your area uninterrupted.

5. Vinyl Fences Are a Valuable Investment

The durable, long lasting vinyl fences installed at properties all across Wyoming create a long-term investment in the look and value of your property. Just the simple fact that you will be able to enjoy them all with little to no maintenance makes vinyl fences well worth their cost. All of the benefits of security and privacy as well as aesthetics are often on the wish list of homebuyers out there looking. Your resale value will be higher when you decide to sell your home and depending on your insurance carrier, it may lower your overall premiums if you contact your insurer to update your policy. Before you schedule your fence installation, check with your carrier to find out if this is an added benefit you can take advantage of.

6. Customization Features of Vinyl Fences for Wyoming

Wyoming vinyl fences are highly customizable with options in style, color and sizes. You can even customize the grade level for residential or commercial properties. Vinyl is made of thick, durable PVC plastic molded just right to give it the best appearance and durability. It is a great option for front yards, back yards, pool yards, office lots, and nearly any space you can imagine. More examples of all of our privacy fence projects can be found at our photo gallery to give you ideas for your vinyl fence project.

7. Wyoming’s Strong Vinyl Privacy Fences


Each type of fencing in Wyoming has its own unique characteristics that contributes to its overall strength.

Vinyl fencing is made of strong engineered plastic material with the correct thickness to withstand the Wyoming winds and weather while also looking excellent without fading or discoloration. Today’s vinyl material is incredibly stronger than wood and doesn’t tend to stretch or come apart.. It also has a flexibility to it that gives it a unique strength and creates longevity.

For Vinyl Fencing, SWi Fence is your Solution!

With all of these advantages and more, you can be confident that vinyl fencing is an amazing fence option for Wyoming homes and businesses. Now, it’s just a matter of getting your questions answered and planning your fence installation. Let us help! At SWi Fence, we have the professional expertise and highly experienced staff you need to install a Wyoming vinyl fence that will last a lifetime. Contact our knowledgeable staff by phone or through our website or utilize our easy instant online quote tool today!