When you need to create a secure area at your property with dependable gate controls, it’s time to take a look at Wyoming automatic gates. Our gates are designed to enhance your property barrier fence to add higher security as well as great convenience. Check out some of the basic details to help you understand what is available to you and the benefits you’ll enjoy.

Main Components of Automatic Gate Systems

The Gate Component

In order to have an automated gate system, you need to first have a gate that is able to be controlled in this way. From farms to businesses and homes, the gate you need will vary. Many types of gates can be used with an operator. When you’re installing a brand new gate, it’s easy to match up an operator with the available types, but it’s also possible to add a gate operator to an existing gate you have based on the setup and current condition of your gate and fence.

Adding an Automatic Gate Operator

In order to make your gate automatic, you need a very specific unit of machinery that controls the movement of the gate through a switchboard and various types of controls. Gate operators are electrically powered and some are even solar powered. There are wired units available in a range of sizes and types, as well as wireless versions of some as well.

Common Automatic Gate Types

  • Slide Gates

One of the most common types of automatic gate is the slide gate, which operates just as it sounds – by sliding horizontally back and forth across the opening of the fence. This type of gate is installed with a metal track and rollers at the bottom to guide the gate across the space. 

  • Swing Gates

Another automatic gate that works the way its title suggests is a swing gate which opens on a hinge to open and close similar to a regular door. Options with swing gates include one or two leaf versions and swinging out or swinging in which depends on the preference and layout of the property.

  • Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates are cousins to the slide gates, but they are supported by rails that run inside the fence structure rather than using the rollers at the bottom. Due to the support needed in this style, they need a significantly wider gate to create a counterbalance as it moves. Most often, cantilever gates are used in industrial and heavy-duty applications where there is ample space for it to operate.

  • Vertical Lift Gates and Vertical Pivot Gates

When there are limited areas next to the gate, vertical lift gates and vertical pivot gates are space saving options. Vertical lift gates move directly up and down on support towers installed on each side of the gate. Pivot style requires that the gates rotate out of the opening fully supported by the gate operator itself.

  • Bi-Folding

Bi-folding gates are similar to the way an interior bifold door works where there are most commonly two sides to the gate on their own hinges that fold in on themselves when opening. Some require a track, while others do not. 

  • Barrier Gates

This style of gate is often seen in parking lots and other various spaces where only vehicles are being restricted access. The barrier is a vertical arm that is rotated in and out of the opening. It gives little to no security other than the restriction of vehicles entering a property.


Solar Powered Gates

Another specialized type of automatic gate system is one that is operated with solar power. These days, solar powered options are very reliable and energy efficient, making them a notch above the rest in many ways, especially including the energy it saves. 


The manufacturer we use for our solar powered automatic gates, US Automatic, is top-of-the-line products that can do more cycles per day anywhere in the world than any other solar power gate opener. Compared to other systems that can take up to an hour to recharge while their systems only need 7 full minutes of sunlight. This is a major advantage which allows them to be used to their full capacity in regions of less constant sunlight. Each of their lines of operators are high quality that work with gates flawlessly during all times of the year.

Automatic Gate Safety for Wyoming Properties


An incredibly important part of having an automatic gate system installed at your property is to have the proper safety protocol used and the installation company following the best practices. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has created a safety protocol program called Standard 325 that every gate operator installer should follow precisely. The techniques and manuals they create help to ensure that every gate includes warning signage, needed sensors, screening procedures and other devices that create a safe environment around the use of automatic gates from any manufacturer across the country.


Always verify that the contractor you are working with adheres to these safety measures to avoid personal injury and property damage that can occur if the systems are not in place up to the best standards.


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