Unlocking the perfect gate choice for your fence can be tricky if you don’t understand all of the options. When it comes to choosing a gate to install, it’s essential to know the different types available and their specific features. Your favorite Wyoming fence company, SWi, is happy to share an overview of various gate styles, with a particular focus on rolling gates, single-leaf gates, double swing gates, cantilever gates, and vertical pivot gates. By understanding the advantages and limitations of each gate type, you’ll be better equipped to communicate your preferences to your fence contractor and make an informed decision.

A Guide to Different Types of Gates: Choosing the Right Option for Your Fence

Popular gates from your trusted Wyoming fence company include the single leaf gate, double swing gate, rolling gate, cantilever gate, and vertical pivot gate. Understanding the characteristics, advantages, and limitations of each gate type is crucial when choosing the right option for your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a manual gate for a wood fence, an automated gate for a Wyoming chain link fence, or anything in between, this comprehensive guide will provide valuable insights to help you make an informed decision when selecting the perfect gate for your property.

Single Leaf Gate

The single-leaf gate, sometimes referred to as a walk gate or man gate, is a popular choice due to its simplicity and functionality. It resembles a door and operates similarly. This gate is commonly used for pedestrian access and can feature special hardware such as self-closing hinges and panic bars for enhanced safety. A single-leaf gate can be installed with any fence type including a Wyoming chain link fence, aluminum fence, wood fence, vinyl fence, or ornamental steel fence

Double Swing Gate

A double swing gate, also known as a double drive gate, consists of two gate leaves that latch together in the middle. This type of gate offers increased width and flexibility compared to a single-leaf gate. While it provides a wider opening, it may be challenging to operate in areas with heavy snowfall or uneven terrain. Any type of fence can accommodate this style of gate when installed professionally by your Wyoming fence company. 

Rolling Gate

The rolling gate is distinguishable by the wheels attached to the front of the gate, which roll along the ground. However, this gate type is often regarded as the least desirable due to its drawbacks. Rolling gates can be heavy, difficult to move, and prone to misalignment. They are not recommended for automation and require ample space to operate effectively. Across Wyoming, chain link fence or ornamental steel fence are the most common fence types to have this type of gate installed with it. 

Cantilever Gate

The cantilever gate is a reliable and efficient option, particularly for manual operation. A cantilever gate is suitable for various types of fences, including Wyoming chain link fences, ornamental fences, and even some wooden fences. Unlike rolling gates, cantilever gates do not rely on wheels touching the ground. Instead, they use a top track system, allowing smooth and easy movement. While cantilever gates may have a gap underneath, they are suitable for areas with snow and wind. They require additional space for sliding, making them ideal for larger openings.

Vertical Pivot Gate

Considered the top choice for automated gates, the vertical pivot gate offers excellent reliability and functionality. This gate type requires minimal back room for installation and can accommodate wide openings. Although it moves straight up in the air, vertical pivot gates excel in various weather conditions, making them highly suitable for snowy or windy regions. They are particularly popular among municipalities and government entities. Working with a Wyoming fence company that has expertise in this type of gate installation, like SWi, is important to ensure your vertical pivot gate functions properly. 

Mastering Gate Types with your Wyoming Fence Company

Understanding the different types of gates available empowers you to make informed decisions when communicating with your Wyoming fence company. Whether you opt for a rolling gate, single leaf gate, double swing gate, cantilever gate, or vertical pivot gate, each option has its advantages and limitations. By considering factors such as space availability, weather conditions, and automation requirements, you can select the most suitable gate for your specific needs. Reach out to your trusted fence professionals, SWi, to discuss your preferences and find the perfect gate for your property. You can also learn more about gates in our YouTube video:

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