Wyoming residents understand the value of longevity and strength.  It seems obvious that you want to work with a strong Wyoming fence company you can count on. We doubt that many people intentionally try to find an unreliable company to do business with but it is more important than ever to make sure you choose a strong fence company that will be here for you after the fence has been installed.


The fence industry in Wyoming and across the country is in turmoil!  Working with a reliable fencing contractor is more important than ever!  Here are a few reasons you might want to take an EXTRA hard look at the Wyoming fence companies you may be considering for your next fencing project and how it might impact you!


The Fence Market in Wyoming is In Crisis!

The fence industry is scrambling right now. This is not just a Wyoming fence company problem.  The fencing crisis is across the entire country!


Fencing Shortage in Wyoming

There is a severe shortage of every type of fencing right now.  From wood fences to vinyl, aluminum, chain link – you name it … all fencing is in dangerously short supply.  This can have a profound impact on your fence project.  To learn more about what is happening and why it is happening read our previous article about the Wyoming Fencing Shortage.


Wyoming Fences Are Getting More Expensive

Directly related to the fencing shortage is the fact that prices on fencing in Wyoming have increased dramatically.  Read our recent article about Rising Prices of Fences in Wyoming.



Working With a Great Fence Company In Wyoming Is More Important Than Ever

We estimate that over one-third of all fence companies in Wyoming will be out of business by the time this fence crisis is over.  You do not want to buy your fence from one of them!  


Between the fencing shortage and the price increases, the smaller and weaker fence companies in Wyoming are going to have a much harder time getting the materials they need to work.  The larger fence companies in Wyoming (like Swi – the largest fence company in Wyoming) have the stability and foresight to stock-up on large quantities of premium fencing materials so we can serve our customers through these difficult times.


We believe as this fencing materials shortage drags on and the prices continue to climb, that more and more Wyoming fence companies are going to have to close their doors.  That is bad news for the homeowners and business owners who chose to work with these companies.  


Here are just a few of the reasons to avoid smaller / weaker fence companies in Wyoming:


Fence Warranty for Workmanship 

SWi is a leader in backing our fences with a workmanship warranty that protects you in case something goes wrong.  Some other fence companies offer similar warranties.  Well, these workmanship warranties are only as good as the company offering them.  If a small Wyoming fence company goes out of business after installing your fence … you have NO warranty anymore!


Lost Deposits When a Fence Company Closes

Unfortunately, we have seen first-hand unscrupulous companies working in the fencing industry that take your deposit on a new fence only to close up their doors the very next week – leaving you without a fence and with no way to get your money back.



Use a Proven Wyoming Fence Company Like SWi for Your Peace of Mind

SWi is the largest and highest-rated fence company in Wyoming with many years of great service.  We have taken the steps to ensure we will make it through the toughest of times so we are here for you now and into the future.  Contact one of our fence experts for a consultation.  Don’t wait!