Chain link fencing is a versatile solution perfect for many Wyoming situations.  In this article, we will explore the basic information you need to know if you are considering chain link fencing for your Wyoming home or business.


Myth: Chain Link Fence is Ugly

Alright, let’s deal with the main issue right up front … many people mistakenly think that chain link fences are “ugly”.  Chain link fences have come a long way in recent years!  No longer the zinc-colored rusty steel metal fence of your grandfather’s era, today’s chain link fences come in attractive colors and styles!


Chain Link Fences for Security

Chain link fence for security Another misconception we run into frequently is that chain link fences aren’t very secure because they can be easily climbed.  While it is true that a standard residential installation of chain link fencing is easily climbed, there are many options that can be used to make the chain link fence one of the MOST secure options you can use in Wyoming for both residential and commercial applications.

Chain Link Fences for Privacy?

chain link fence for privacyBy adding privacy slats to your chain link fence, you can add a tremendous amount of privacy to your fence.  This has actually been a very popular choice for many Wyoming residential fences recently.  Perfect for backyards and pools, chain link is perhaps the most versatile fence option for your  Wyoming property.

Most Popular Options for Chain Link Fences in Wyoming

Shown below are some of the most popular options to customize your chain link fence to meet your needs.  Please be aware that not all options and colors are available at all times.

Galvanized chain link fenceGalvanized Chain Link Fence

This is the “traditional” or standard chain link fence that is commonly used on homes and businesses in Wyoming. Simple galvanized chain link can be the least expensive option of all fences (depending on the grade and specs of your specific situation). Galvanized chain link fences are rust-resistant and require minimal care.  They are a great solution for many Wyoming residential and commercial applications.




PVC coated chain link fencePVC and Polymer Coated Chain Link Fence

PVC is a plastic coating while Polymer is a powdered coating. Both options provide a rubberized coating across the metal to give it a nice look and touch, while also protecting from rust and weather damage common in Wyoming. PVC comes in a variety of colors with black, green and brown being the most popular ones.




Slatted chain link fenceSlatted Chain Link Fences

These fences simply involve adding slat inserts into the link material, offering additional coverage and privacy for Wyoming homeowners. This will increase the price, not just for the cost of the slats, but it will also nearly double the labor and the specs of the fence. This is due to the need to withstand the extra wind loads that the slats will cause.

Slatted chain link fences also offer a much more visually appealing style for many people. These slats are made from robust materials like PVC that come in various colors and finishes, making them one of the more versatile style options available.


Learn More About Chain Link Fences in Wyoming 

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