Having to scale back your Wyoming fencing project due to local codes, HOA restrictions, or budget constraints can be frustrating and disheartening. If you need to change your vision for your next residential fence, for any number of reasons, consider a beautiful partial fence. With many of the same benefits as a full fence, a partial fence from SWi Fence can be the perfect and unique solution to your fencing troubles. Continue reading for more information about the benefits, drawbacks, and unique applications of partial fencing for your next Wyoming residential fence. 

What is the Difference Between Partial and Complete Wyoming Residential Fences?

Complete residential fences are those that fully enclose your property or yard. Complete residential fences can come in a variety of heights and styles and are not necessarily limited to full-privacy or 6-foot tall fences. For example, a 4-foot wood picket fence that fully surrounds your yard would be considered a complete fence. 


On the other hand, partial fences are those that are installed on part of your yard and do not fully enclose your property. Partial fences are an attractive and cost-effective option for homeowners who want to add a touch of style or security to their property without feeling closed off from the outside world.

How Do Partial and Complete Fences Compare? 

Both partial and complete fences have their unique drawbacks and benefits. Below, we’ve included several factors to consider before deciding what type of fence you should select. 

Cost Comparison 

Partial fences are smaller than complete fences and will usually require fewer fencing materials, making them a fantastic option for budget-conscious Wyoming fencing customers. Because complete fences are installed around the entire perimeter of your properties, you will pay more upfront for your fence and may incur additional costs in maintenance over the years. 


While cost is a significant consideration in your fence decision, we urge our customers to evaluate the reason for installing a Wyoming residential fence and determine if a partial fence will suit their needs. 

Security and Safety Considerations

At SWi Fence, we install many fences throughout Wyoming to improve the safety and security of our customer’s properties. Many of our valued clients install fences to keep their loved ones, like small children and pets, from wandering off into danger or to prevent unwelcome guests from walking onto their property. 


Fortunately, both partial and complete fences will create a visual and physical deterrent that may discourage unwelcome visitors from attempting to enter your property. This can be incredibly beneficial if you live in an area with significant pedestrian traffic or if you have difficult neighbors. 


Ultimately, complete fences create a fully enclosed area that makes your yard far more difficult to leave or enter uninvited. With a complete fence, you can allow your pets to fully enjoy your yard and have peace of mind knowing your loved ones will not be able to wander off into danger. 

Aesthetic Comparison

When most Wyoming residents think about a fence, they imagine a traditional, complete fence. We can install virtually every fence type as both a partial and complete fence, meaning you do not have to sacrifice your preferred fence style! 


Partial fences can be placed in many locations throughout your yard. They can extend along one side of your property, wrap around a corner of your property to create an entertainment area, or enclose a small area of your property like a garden or pool. There are many applications for partial Wyoming residential fences and our Pinterest has fantastic inspiration for your next project! 

Purpose Considerations

Ultimately, the purpose your fence will serve will likely dictate the type of fence you eventually decide to install. For instance, a partial fence would not be able to keep your energetic pup safely contained inside your yard. However, a partial fence would work perfectly for residential property owners looking to keep deer out of their vegetable garden. 


The experienced team at SWi Wyoming regularly installs fences for a variety of purposes. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to exceed your expectations with exceptional craftsmanship and customer service on your next Wyoming fencing project. Get started on your next project with our Instant Quote Tool, which can help you generate an expected budget and compare all of our fencing options! 

Talk to the Experts About Complete and Partial Wyoming Residential Fences 

Complete and partial fences are both great options for creating an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. The right choice depends on individual needs, budget, and style preferences. While full fences may be more expensive to install and maintain, they provide higher levels of security than partial fences. Partial fences are an attractive option if you’re looking to save money without sacrificing too much in terms of aesthetics. 


Ultimately, the decision is yours! We offer high-quality partial and complete fences to our esteemed customers around Wyoming. Check out some of our previously completed projects with our project gallery and read more about our residential fence options to explore what we have to offer!

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