When searching for a beautiful Wyoming residential fence you’ve probably come across both vinyl and aluminum fences and have likely considered both for your property! Both of these fences are not only durable and low-maintenance, but they also accentuate the look of any property. At SWi Wyoming, we’re here to help you decide if a vinyl or aluminum fence is right for your residential property. Continue reading to discover the unique features of each of these fantastic fencing solutions!

The Key Differences Between Aluminum Fences and Vinyl Fences

Aluminum and vinyl fences are incredibly popular styles throughout Wyoming for a variety of different reasons. While working with our customers on selecting the right fencing material, we often mention the differences in cost, functionality, longevity, maintenance, and sustainability between these two fantastic fence types. 


In the world of Wyoming residential fences, both aluminum fences and vinyl fences are going to be more expensive upfront than wood or chain link fences. While the upfront cost may make you hesitant about going forward with the installation of a vinyl or aluminum fence, their durable construction and low-maintenance needs can make these fences cheaper in the long run. Unlike other types of fencing, both vinyl and aluminum fences are incredibly low-maintenance and durable, allowing them to resist breaking, warping, and cracking even after years of use. 

Depending on the individual characteristics of your property, either a vinyl or aluminum fence may be the more affordable option. Some factors that will influence the price of your fence include the total fence length, height, details like post toppers, style, and specifics of installation. 

Fortunately, the experts at our top-rated Wyoming fence company are here to provide you with detailed information and an accurate estimate of the cost of your next aluminum or vinyl fence project. Check out our easy-to-use online quote tool, which gives you a real-time estimate of your fence project cost. Using our online quote tool, you can easily determine the budget needed for both aluminum and vinyl fence projects on your property. 


The reasons our customers are interested in installing a fence are as broad as the number of fence styles themselves! Typically, our Wyoming residential fence customers are seeking a fence that will create privacy, add security, increase visual appeal, or any combination of these benefits! Vinyl and aluminum fences each have unique benefits that allow them to fill a certain niche in the Wyoming residential fence market. 

Interested in keeping nosy neighbors from looking into your yard? A full-privacy vinyl fence will serve you well! Installed in a variety of heights and colors, vinyl fences can create a solid wall that blocks unsightly views. Vinyl fences are most commonly installed as large panels, creating a solid barrier that blocks sightlines and prevents you from seeing any unsightly views. 

On the other hand, aluminum fences are not suitable for creating privacy and are better suited for adding security. Aluminum fences have spaces between the pickets, meaning that you will be able to see through the fence. If you’re interested in preventing your children or pets from wandering into trouble, like walking into the pool or running into busy streets, aluminum fences create an attractive border that is difficult to circumvent. Additionally, aluminum fences are available in a variety of heights, which makes them a great choice for a variety of residential uses; four-foot aluminum fences are fantastic for enclosing pools whereas six-foot aluminum fences are fantastic for property borders. Aluminum fences feature strong pickets that are very difficult to cut through and the pointed pickets on many styles create a barrier that is to climb over, making this a fantastic fence option for homeowners seeking extra security. 

Both vinyl and aluminum fences make a visually appealing Wyoming residential fence option. When deciding between vinyl or aluminum from our Wyoming fence company, it would be impossible to select an unattractive fence!


As much as function is a key factor when choosing a fence, form is as well. Choosing a fence that fits the aesthetic of your property is an important factor in making your fence decision.

Fortunately, both aluminum and vinyl fences lend themselves to a variety of styles and have bold, modern, and classic styles! If you’re searching for a traditional Wyoming residential fence, a white picket vinyl fence will give you the classic look you’re seeking! On the other hand, if you’re interested in an opulent and decorative look, you might opt for an aluminum fence with decorative pickets and ornamental details. Depending on the design of your home and property, either vinyl or aluminum may be the more suitable option. 

Care Requirements

We always recommend both vinyl and aluminum fences for our customers searching for a low maintenance-fence option. With a gentle cleansing and an occasional rinse with a hose, these fences will look amazing for years to come! Both aluminum and vinyl are resistant to rotting, rusting, or warping, even with exposure to the sometimes extreme weather conditions we experience in Wyoming. 


Amazingly, both aluminum and vinyl fences can last for decades with proper care! A high-quality aluminum fence can last up to 50 years and a sturdy vinyl fence can last for over 20 years. Whichever you choose, vinyl or aluminum both deliver many years of worry-free fencing solutions. As a trusted Wyoming fence company, we only offer the highest quality fencing materials, ensuring that your fence will protect your property and family for decades to come. 


The sustainability of materials used in our homes can be a dedication factor for many customers. If you happen to be thinking about how these materials are created or even pondering the end of your fence’s life, you might wonder whether a Wyoming aluminum fence or vinyl fence is better for the environment. Aluminum is recyclable, meaning you can find a recycler to take your old aluminum fence off of your hands when it’s time to dispose of it. At SWi Wyoming, we only use vinyl made of recycled materials, which allows us to reduce our environmental impact and make our earth a greener place to live! 

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