As an exceptional Wyoming fence company, SWi Fence is constantly looking for ways to improve. We take fencing seriously and we do our best to provide the best fence for every client we work for. We have discovered that no-dig fence installation reduces installation time while still producing sturdy, long-lasting fences. Keep reading to learn more about this method of fence installation and its advantages. 

3 Reasons We Love No-Dig Fences

When considering your Wyoming residential fence project, understand that no-dig fences are not suitable for every project. One of the main factors for a successful no-dig fence is the right soil conditions. Rocky soil will not work well for this type of fencing because the rocks will prevent the posts from being able to be driven to the correct depth. 

Alternatively, very loose or sandy soil will not work well either. You will need to use concrete in this type of soil because there is nothing for the post to bind to. But if your soil is optimal, no-dig fencing is a great alternative to traditional post-digging. So what are the benefits of no-dig fencing and how do you know if it’s right for you? Here are a few advantages no-dig fences provide over traditional fencing. 

No-Dig Fences Do Not Damage the Yard

One of the disadvantages to traditional fence installations is that you have to dig holes to insert the post into. This disturbs the grass and existing landscaping and even occasionally damages it. Additionally, there is usually an excessive amount of dirt left over, as it is not the fence company’s responsibility to remove dirt from the yard once the installation is complete. No-dig fences eliminate the risk of destroying your landscaping and do not leave any dirt in the yard. This is one of the nicest perks of a no-dig fence. 

No-Dig Fences Work Well in Cold Climates

While there may be times that a no-dig fence is not suitable because of the condition of the soil, for the most part, no-dig fences work well in most areas. Because we do not use concrete to secure the posts and drive them several feet into the ground, there is no heaving if the ground gets cold. Fencers in Canada have been using no-dig technology for several years with great success and we have seen its benefits for Wyoming residential fence projects as well. 

No-Dig Fences are Durable

When installed correctly, no-dig fences will last for years to come. Using steel posts means that these fences are strong and long-lasting. We use high-quality products to ensure that your fence can stand up to high winds. To see more examples of how strong no-dig fences can be, check out our YouTube station and start with this video.

Types of No-Dig Fences

If no-dig fencing is something that you are interested in, but you’re concerned that it limits your options have no fear. As an experienced Wyoming fence company, SWi Fence is able to install no-dig fences in a variety of materials. Our aluminum fencing is strong, durable, and attractive. Easily able to follow uneven terrain, it’s an attractive addition to any home or business property. For customizable, sustainable fencing, consider our wood fencing options. We use PostMaster posts to ensure that these fences are extremely strong and durable. For a stylish, low-maintenance fence system, consider our vinyl fencing. We even have DIY fence kits if you’re interested in tackling your project on your own. Our friendly staff is here to walk you through your options and help you choose the fence that will be best for your property. 

Ready for Your Next Wyoming Residential Fence Installation? 

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