Home improvement projects have the potential to be stressful and overwhelming, and fencing projects are no different. However, even if you are inexperienced with fence installations there are ways to prepare so that your project goes smoothly. SWi Wyoming has extensive experience and is here to help you plan and prepare for your Wyoming residential fence installation. In this article, we will give you seven tips you can follow when preparing for a fencing project. 

#1: Choose a Trusted Wyoming Fence Company

The best way to reduce stress and feel prepared for a fence project is to choose a company that is reliable and experienced. Not all fence companies can offer high-quality workmanship combined with attentive customer service. SWi Wyoming is one company that can! We are here to make the process as easy as possible so that you can rest easy and simply enjoy your new space.

#2: Communicate With Your Neighbors

While it is not a requirement, talking to your neighbors before you start your fencing project can help to minimize any potential disputes. Keeping the lines of communication open with them is a considerate accommodation, and surprisingly, they may even be willing to share the cost if the fence is on a shared property line. Either way, letting them know that you will be doing construction can help to reduce any potential issues while you prepare. 

#3: Check Your Property Lines

Knowing where your property begins and ends is important, especially when installing a new Wyoming residential fence. Check that your property plans are current and correct. If you aren’t sure about the accuracy of your records, hire a qualified land surveyor or contact your local county’s offices to establish the correct property borders. 

#4: Verify Your Local Fence Laws

Your local Wyoming fence company may be familiar with the fence regulations in your area, but it is ultimately your job to make sure that you are complying with them before you start your project. If you’re a member of a homeowners association (HOA) there are likely rules in place about fence height, materials, colors, and style. If you’re not in an HOA, check with your local county offices to see if there are any fencing laws for your town. Make sure that you understand and follow any regulations that are in place. 

#5: Pick the Perfect Fence

Now comes the fun part! You can choose from a variety of styles, colors, and materials from SWi Wyoming’s fence selection. Our online instant fence quote tool allows you to view your property, draw and adjust a fence line, and choose and compare fence material costs. Before you finalize your decision, make sure it will complement your existing home’s architecture and color scheme.

#6: Contact Local Utility Companies

Water, gas, electric, and cable lines need to be marked clearly before your fence can be installed. In order to make sure this is properly completed, call 811 at least a few days before your scheduled installation. They will send somebody to your property to mark any underground lines. If this is not ready on time, your fence project will be delayed, so don’t neglect this important step. 

#7: Clean and Prepare Your Yard 

After you have finished each of the previous steps and picked the date for your fence installation, make sure you set some time aside to clean and prepare your yard. Remove any major obstacles, clean up toys or other yard debris, mow the lawn, and clean up pet waste. Taking the time to adequately prepare will make things go smoothly once your project starts. 

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