SWi Residential Fencing


SWi strives for customer satisfaction when it comes to residential applications. We will work with you to design a fence fit for your needs, whether that is privacy, pets, children, or decorative features. Under the residential section, some choices customers have include: ornamental iron, vinyl, cedar, and chain link with our without privacy slats.

If you find yourself having a distinct palate when it comes to landscaping your home, ornamental iron may be for you. It can add charm and distinction, by its bold and elegant beauty. There are many different types of ornamental iron fencing, and each lends its appeal to your home. Iron fencing is low maintenance and extremely durable.

When it comes to vinyl fencing, SWi has one of the only CMM vinyl routers in the area which lets us custom route your vinyl fence so that the installation is smooth as silk as the fence glides up and down the terrain. The vinyl we use to install these fences will hold up to tough Wyoming weather, and our professional installation will make sure your fence looks beautiful for years to come.

Cedar fencing  is a great cost-effective way to provide privacy and rustic charm to your home. Cedar has natural grains in the wood which lends a beautiful landscape to your yard with clean lines and colorful tones. In addition to privacy, cedar fencing is great for children and pets, adding security to your home.

Chain link fencing is a great way to provide containment in your yard, either with pets or children. It’s open air feel can make your yard breathe easier. Don’t want an open yard feel? That’s an easy fix with vinyl privacy slats! The vinyl slats slide in between the mesh of the chain link, providing privacy and a splash of color.

No matter what type of fence you are looking into, we look forward to assisting you with your fence project, either as a new construction or a new upgrade.