SWi Industrial + Commercial Fencing


As you might expect from a Wyoming fence company, SWi began by serving a loyal base of agricultural customers in the Big Horn basin.   When word of the quality spread we expanded our service to meet the needs of the growing residential market in our home territory.  Today, SWi still provides those customers with great service while specializing in commercial and industrial fencing applications.

To date we have completed a host of demanding installations and challenges we have faced have been numerous.  At the abandon iron ore mine in Hartville, Wyoming we encountered rock that was impossible to auger through and dust that painted everything a rusty red for years to come.  The City of Casper Balefill called on the expertise of SWi to install a 16’ tall litter fence that had massive 10” posts that weighed in at 650 lbs each and were set 10’ deep.  SWi’s skills were challenged again when additions were made in 2006 to both the Wyoming State Penitentiary and Women’s Correctional Facility where thousands of feet of fence and razor wire were installed along with automated sally port and pedestrian gates.  The Wyoming Department of Corrections was so pleased with that work that they contracted with SWi to make more upgrades to their security at the Newcastle Boot Camp and again at the Women’s Center.  When new baseball fields were constructed in Greybull and Cowley, SWi stretched their fencing skills to new heights with backstops measuring 25’ and 40’ tall respectively.

From the beginning, SWi sought to train and expand its knowledge in the fencing field.  As a member in good standing of the AFA since, employees at SWi have been well trained at their annual installer schools for fencing and gate operators.  Additionally, many employees have achieved the level of Certified Fence Professional and Certified Automated Gate Operator Installer through the association. This ensures that our customers are getting the most professional service and that installations meet current standards for quality.

Safety has always been a top priority at SWi and because of our excellent safety record, we have been the choice of many energy producers in the western states.  SWi, a member in good standing of PEC Premier and ISNetworld,  was the contractor of choice for Marathon when they fenced their gas plant and added gate operators at their Oregon Basin location.  Additionally SWi has secured gas plants and compressor stations for Kinder Morgan, Anadarko, Devon Energy, CIG and El Paso.

SWi, Inc. prides itself in being able tackle and win the most challenging projects in the western U.S. and is licensed in Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and Oregon.   You can rest assured that when you have a demanding project with a tight schedule, strict safety guidelines,and technical installation requirements, SWi will be able to complete it successfully.