Choosing the right Wyoming agricultural fence for your farm or rural property can be challenging since there are so many options available. SWi Fence is an expert Wyoming fencing company with a knowledgeable and experienced team that can help you choose the perfect design and fence strength for your property. Keep reading to discover some of the most popular Wyoming agricultural fence designs we offer. 

How We Create Strong, Durable Fences

We use industry-leading techniques and equipment to build the strongest, most durable agricultural fencing available. Our fences are strong and durable and can handle the wear and tear that an agricultural fence needs to withstand. Many kinds of lumber are used to build farm fences, so the design you choose will determine your lumber choices. Whether using rough-cut lumber or planed boards, the installation techniques we use at SWi Wyoming produce the strongest, most durable fence.

Wyoming Agricultural Fence Styles

There are many styles of Wyoming fencing available, and the following are just a few that we offer. These wood fences are both popular and attractive, making them suitable for all types of farming and agricultural properties. 


Split Rail Fence in Wyoming

Split Rail Wood Fencing

Split rail fences are an affordable option for farmers, ranch owners, or other property owners who need to fence large sections of land. Although they have large openings between the rails, they are still suitable for horses or livestock. The classic, rustic look of split rail fences also makes it a nice option to define a residential property line or add a decorative element to your property. 



Four Board Post Rail Fence in Wyoming

Kentucky Four Board

Kentucky Four Board fences have that classic look often associated with ranches and farms and are exceptionally durable and strong, making them a great option for agricultural fencing. Common post and rail fencing designs also come in 2 and 3 rails and the width and space between the rail will determine the overall height of this fence. 


Crossbuck Style Fence in Wyoming

Cross Buck Style

Crossbuck wood farm fence is a post and rail fence design where there is an “X” in each section. Two rails, attach diagonally to the posts and overlap to create the cross.

Post spacing is important when installing a crossbuck fence. The diagonal measurement will require longer boards. Therefore, setting posts slightly closer to the center than your horizontal board length is a must. Cutting the horizontal boards to fit the shorter measurement between posts is a must.


The Details Make the Fence

Adding woven wire fence fabric to wood farm fences is often a necessity. Woven wire fence uses heavier gauge strands of wire, therefore making it stronger. It can be stretched tightly and follows uneven terrain nicely. High tensile wire fabrics, installed with the proper technique, will ensure your agricultural fence will stand up to livestock and whatever you throw at your fence. We ensure that the wire has good terminations on both ends and strong end braces so that it stays tight for the life of the fence.


Mesh wires are available in many configurations. Options range from large rectangular holes used to keep livestock contained, to a special “No-Climb” mesh that prevents a horse’s hooves from getting tangled in the mesh. 


Whatever your needs, SWi WY has the knowledge to get the job done right! From electric cattle fences to Kentucky Four Board fences, we install every agricultural fence and gate with the best techniques and the strongest, most durable materials available. 

Ready to Tackle Your Next Wyoming Agricultural Fence Project?

If you’re ready to install your next Wyoming fencing project, SWi Fence is ready to answer your questions and assist you throughout your project. For a quick, easy online quote, check out our Instant Fence Quote on our website. 

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