If you’re thinking about enhancing the security of your property, switching from a regular gate to one with a gate operator offering access control is a smart choice. Access control is all about deciding who gets to enter a particular place. With Wyoming automatic gates, you not only get privacy and security but also the added advantage of deciding who comes into your property. Let’s explore some simple facts about automatic gates to help you decide if they’re a good fit for your needs.

Understanding The Main Components of Automatic Gate Systems

The Gate Component

The gate you need will vary depending on whether you are shopping for your Wyoming commercial fence or residential property.  There are many types of Wyoming automatic gates that can be used with an operator. It’s easy to match up an operator to meet your needs when you’re installing a brand new gate, but it’s also possible to add a gate operator in Wyoming to an existing gate. Keep in mind that this will depend on the setup and current condition of your gate and fence.

Adding an Automatic Gate Operator

An automatic gate operator is a unit of machinery that controls the movement of the gate through a switchboard and controls in order to make your gate open and close automatically. Gate operators can either be electrically powered or solar-powered to control Wyoming automatic gates. There are wired units available in a range of sizes and types, as well as wireless versions of some as well.

Solar Powered Automatic Gates

Did you realize electric gates now include solar-powered options? These solar gates, although a newer addition to fencing, are quickly gaining traction among property owners. They’re not only easy to set up but also provide controlled access to your premises. Adaptable to various fencing needs, they function reliably in many conditions. Best of all, being powered by the sun means potential savings on your electricity bill, making them an eco-friendly choice.

Automatic Gate Types for Residential and Commercial Properties

Swing Gates

A swing gate operates precisely as its name implies. Like a standard door, this gate pivots on hinges to open and shut. Compared to alternatives such as slide gates, they typically function more swiftly. You can find swing gates in single-leaf or double-leaf models, and they can either swing outward or inward based on your choice and your Wyoming commercial fence or residential fence design.

Slide Gates

One of the most common types of automatic gates is the slide gate, which operates exactly as it sounds – by sliding horizontally back and forth in a straight line to allow entry.  These gates are generally more secure than a swing gate. Slide gates require more side room to accommodate the gate in the “open” position. This type of gate is installed with a metal track and rollers at the bottom to guide the gate across the space.

Barrier Gates

Barrier gate operators for commercial areas are perfect for places with heavy vehicle movement. This type of Wyoming automatic gate offers an effective way to handle vehicle access in a safe manner. You’ll commonly spot these gates in parking areas or spaces aiming to limit vehicle entry but not people on foot. The mechanism involves a vertical arm that swings in and out of the path. While they primarily control vehicle access, they don’t provide extensive security features.

Heavy Duty Gate Operators

One choice available includes heavy-duty gate operators with variable speed control. This solves the problem of moving the heaviest of gates on a Wyoming commercial fence. Both slide gate and swing gate operator styles keep warehouses, commercial properties, distribution facilities, and gated communities consistently secure and protected.

Dependable Access Control Systems 

Wyoming automatic gates rely on an access control system linked to the gates to offer an increased level of security and convenience. Gate access control systems operate in a similar way to any other access control, with an electronically locked gate that is connected to the access control server. When the correct credential is presented, an electronic signal will be sent to the gate lock, allowing it to open for an authorized vehicle to enter.


There are several different types of Access Control Systems to choose from. Some of the most common are listed below:

  • Keypad Access System

This is probably the simplest and most commonly utilized solution in gate access control. In order to access the premises, the visitor has to key in a PIN. Once the PIN is verified, the visitor can enter the premises.


  • RFID and Card Readers

RFID is an acronym for “radio-frequency identification.” Most RFID access control systems use keycards or fobs, which are used to gain property access. When someone scans their fob at the gate, the system checks to see if that fob is registered. If it is, the system grants access and opens the gate.


  • Telephone Entry System

A telephone entry system is a form of access control that lets visitors request access. Similar to gate intercom systems, telephone entry systems allow you or tenants to open the door remotely for guests.

Quality and Safety of Gate Operators for Wyoming Properties

At SWi Fence in Wyoming, our commitment is more than just installing gate operators; it’s about ensuring the absolute quality and safety of every installation. We understand the unique needs and challenges of Wyoming properties, and that’s why we handpick gate operators that meet the highest standards of performance and durability. Before installation, each system is meticulously tested to guarantee flawless operation, even amid Wyoming’s varying weather conditions. 


Furthermore, our dedicated team ensures that every gate operator is equipped with top-notch safety features to prevent any accidental closures, safeguarding both vehicles and pedestrians. When you choose SWi Fence for your Wyoming commercial fence and gate operator needs, you’re not just getting a product; you’re investing in a promise of quality, safety, and peace of mind.

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