If you own or manage an agricultural property, you can appreciate the value of dependable and long-lasting fencing solutions. Board fences, often called post and rail fences, are a popular Wyoming agricultural fence style that offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The fence specialists at SWi Wyoming are ready to help you discover the many applications for a Wyoming board fence.


There are numerous reasons to use board fences, and this article will highlight the options available to meet your specific needs. Continue reading to learn how a board fence from a Cheyenne, Wyoming fence company can positively impact your agricultural property.

1. Secure Your Livestock

First and foremost, board fences from a Cheyenne, Wyoming fence company create a solid and secure barrier that successfully contains and protects your valuable possessions. Whether you own cattle or other livestock and need specified areas for various farming activities, board fences create distinct boundaries, limiting the possibility of animals straying away or unwanted trespassing. Board fences’ sturdy framework deters potential predators, providing peace of mind and protecting your livestock.

2. Timeless Appeal of Wyoming Board Fences

A Wyoming board fence is not only useful but also visually appealing, bringing a classic and timeless charm to any large property. Whether you prefer the natural warmth and rustic attractiveness of wood or the clean, durable, low-maintenance qualities of vinyl, board fences will complement the rural landscape, improving the overall aesthetics of your surroundings. Choosing a board fence as a Wyoming agricultural fence increases the functionality and visual attractiveness of your home or farm.

3. Customizable Options

When it comes to board fences, you have a lot of options to select from, which ensures that the fence meets your needs and tastes. The most frequent forms of board fences include the following:

Post and Rail Fence

This durable Wyoming board fence is known for its adaptability and robustness. It features horizontal boards in 2-rail, 3-rail, and 4-rail designs that attach to evenly spaced vertical posts, providing a more solid barrier.

Crossbuck Fence

This decorative style, commonly found along driveways or entrances, features crisscrossing boards that give your property a distinct appearance. 


Remember that you can paint or stain your Wyoming board fence to match your existing structures, revitalize faded wood, or simply add a personal touch that complements the architecture of your home. Customization possibilities are limitless!

Partner with the Premier Cheyenne, Wyoming Fence Company

If you’re searching for a Wyoming agricultural fence that combines strength, versatility, and beauty, board fences are ideal. Their durability, low maintenance requirements, and ability to survive Wyoming’s weather make them a reliable source of protection and security for any property. Whatever your Wyoming agricultural fencing needs, trust the professionals at SWi Fence to expertly install your fence, ensuring years of dependable protection. Get started today by using our convenient online quote tool.

Transform Your Home or Farm with SWi Fence

Board fences from a Cheyenne, Wyoming fence company like ours are a durable and adaptable solution that meets both functional and aesthetic requirements for both agricultural and residential properties. Board fences add value to your property by improving security, defining boundaries, and providing a traditional, rustic appeal. 


With various styles available for your agricultural or residential property, and the ability to customize your fence to suit your particular needs, the team at SWi Fence will make sure you get the fence you need! Call us at (866) 754-1020 or contact us online today to discuss your specific needs and get the perfect fence solution for your property.