There are several benefits to installing a new fence. A new fence is both cost-effective and may provide much-needed curb appeal when compared to other repairs, such as a new roof or siding. The best part is that you can rely on SWi Fence to complete your installation in a timely and professional manner.

How Can A Fence Add Value to my Wyoming Property?

Fencing has a dual purpose of function and aesthetics. Many reasons exist for a homeowner or business owner to install a fence on their property, and these reasons are strong enough to raise the value of a property. A fence’s natural attractiveness may be enhanced by the following features.

Wyoming Fences to Protect Pets and Kids

There are numerous advantages to having a large backyard, but it may also become a risk if there is no fence installed. A safe environment is one in which parents may leave their children alone without fear that they would get lost or an intruder could steal them away. Corralling pets is also a fantastic use for fences. Especially in  an area with a lot of traffic, the usefulness of a physical barrier becomes even more critical.

Pool Fencing in Wyoming

A gated fence surrounding a swimming pool in Wyoming is required by law since wandering into a pool with no one watching may be unsafe, especially for children and pets who aren’t proficient swimmers. A fence is a need if you’re intending on adding a swimming pool to your property. Even if you have a perimeter fence, the barrier must wrap around the whole pool site specifically. Always check with your local town guidelines or call our friendly experts for advice.

Wyoming Property Privacy Fencing

Having a private backyard appeals to a large number of people who live in their own unique space. Privacy fences are often up to eight feet high, which means that neighbors can’t look in at any time they want to without being seen. Such boundaries are often more advantageous in urban and suburban regions, because dwellings are closer together, but no matter your location, privacy fences are a great feature of fencing.

Decorative Wyoming Fencing

Although most fences have multiple functions, others might mainly be there to be beautiful. There are many ways to incorporate lattice fencing into a landscape, for example. If you want to make the fence seem even nicer, you could plant vines nearby to grow over it.


The visual beauty of practical fences may raise their financial value. New homebuyers may be prepared to pay extra for a quaint-looking picket fence because of the image it conjures up of small-town America, or a modern looking aluminum fence because of it’s clean, elegant design.


Is a Fence Worth the Cost?

A fence in Wyoming may increase the value of your property, but you want to be sure the installation costs are reasonable. There is no one-size-fits-all cost/benefit analysis for fencing since it might appeal to potential customers in a variety of ways. When beginning a new project, here are some things to keep in mind…


Fencing Materials Across Wyoming

Regardless of the kind of fence you pick, it must be able to survive Wyoming’s harsh climate. However, the initial expense of certain high-end materials might be costly in some situations. We at SWi Fence are experts in the following choices and can help you find the perfect solution to match your budget and needs:

Wood Fencing Options for WY Residents

Wood fencing is a popular choice for many Wyoming homeowners because of its versatility and dependability. The boards may be stacked as high or as low as you choose, vertically or horizontally. Despite the fact that you may paint the wood, sometimes it’s best to let the natural grain be visible, but it’s a personal preference either way.  With frequent staining and protective finishing, this material will last for a long time with little cost of care.

Vinyl Fencing in Wyoming

If you want the appearance of wood but are concerned about the durability of the material, vinyl is a much wiser option for your Wyoming property. Despite the fact that the initial investment is  more, this material is better adapted to survive the weather and the test of time with very little maintenance. SWi Fence  can provide high-quality vinyl panels that can withstand a great deal of usage over the course of many years without deteriorating.

Aluminum Fencing for Wyoming Homeowners 

Because of its minimal maintenance costs and high durability, aluminum fencing material is preferred by many Wyoming homeowners, though its greater upfront price may be too costly for others. Normally, we prefer aluminum fences around swimming pools, but it may also be effective for other front or back yards and business entrances. Aluminum fencing is not the choice for full privacy needs, though if semi-privacy is what you wish, that can be achieved by installing the rods closer together throughout the panels.


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