It’s no secret that property owners in Wyoming want to have a great looking home or business while protecting their family and belongings. One great way to do this is to add a privacy fence for protection, aesthetics and a whole list of other reasons. Whatever the case for needing a fence, it can be tricky to weigh out the pros and cons of each style of fencing you may be considering, even after deciding on a fencing material.

To help, we’ve compiled a list here of the top nine benefits of installing your favorite style of privacy fencing for your Wyoming residential or commercial property. 

Privacy Fences Protect Against Weather

Wyoming’s cool climate and propensity to lots of snow and other severe weather at times throughout the year bring us to mention the benefits of privacy fencing for creating better shelter from the havoc of the elements. A good wooden or vinyl privacy fence can also create the buffer you need on a windy day from doing damage to your landscaping, plants, and outdoor furniture, too.


When you have a Wyoming privacy fence professionally installed using high quality fencing materials, it will not only protect the rest of your property from harsh weather conditions, but it also can help give a little shade from the sun at different times of the day.


Wyoming Privacy Fences Keep Children and Pets Safe

Across Wyoming, privacy fences are the best choice to keep your children and animals protected inside the yard. While other fencing, like wood pickets or standard aluminum fencing styles, could handle small dogs and children, you can be better assured that no one can squeeze through or jump over the fence when it’s the height of privacy fencing, which is usually installed from 6 to 8 feet tall. Privacy fences also have no spaces between panels or pickets, accomplishing a complete level of safety from anything getting in or out unless you’re opening your gate. 

Create a Clear Property Boundary with Privacy Fencing

Your Wyoming property can be more susceptible to trespassers without a clear marking of your property line. A privacy fence can help with that! Discuss your privacy fence project with any neighbors that may be affected by it and be sure to check the legal boundaries for municipal set-back lines and rules about what is allowable. 


It is well within your rights to create privacy for your home and property, but it is always a good idea to be considerate of those around you and how it may affect them, too. Between finding the details about your town guidelines and having a conversation with your neighbors, doing a little bit of research goes a long way! SWi can help you if you have any questions about how to find the information to plot out your fence line and determine if you need to obtain permits as well. 

Best Way to Create Seclusion with Wyoming Privacy Fences

Privacy fencing in Wyoming is the number one way to create the secluded, cozy space for your personal property. From hosting parties in your backyard to giving your children a private, safe place to play freely, privacy fences are the answer!


Simply put, it’s right in the name. Wyoming privacy fences will give you and your family the privacy you need to live together and enjoy your space without interruption.

Privacy Fences Create a Noise Barrier

When you live in an area with high traffic or share close backyard space with your neighbors, privacy fencing can create a useful buffer to noise, both keeping outside noise on the outside and any noise in your yard, in. Whatever the material privacy fence you use, it will act as a sound barrier and make a difference for yourself and your surrounding Wyoming neighbors.

Wyoming Privacy Fences Add Value

Privacy fences add value to your home in multiple ways across Wyoming. First, it can boost the value of your property to any potential buyers in the future. A well placed and installed fence in general can add aesthetic value and with all of the added benefits of security and safety, having a privacy fence is something many people will have on their checklist for a new home and will give you the upper hand in the market when you’re ready to sell.


A second way Wyoming privacy fences can add value is through the possibility of lowering your homeowner’s insurance simply by installing and reporting to your insurance company. The added security that a privacy fence provides can significantly lower your insurance premium, depending on your insurance carrier. As always, it is wise to check with your local insurance companies on their policies prior to scheduling your fence installation.

Customizable Privacy Fences for Wyoming Property Owners

Wyoming privacy fences come in several types of material as well as a variety of styles and customizable options. Chain link fence, wood fence and vinyl fence all come with options that create privacy for the property it surrounds.


Chain link fences can be customized to include privacy slats in a few different color options that slide right into the chain link spaces and block out unwanted viewing. Wood privacy fences come anywhere from 6 to 8 feet tall and can be cut in all kinds of traditional styles like stockade or shadowbox and everything in between. Wood privacy fencing is the most customizable material you can choose. Vinyl privacy fences also come in a wide range of styles and examples of projects we’ve completed in all of these materials. More examples can be found here at our gallery of completed fence projects to give you ideas for your privacy fence project.

Increased Security with Wyoming Privacy Fences

Privacy fencing is next level security for properties across Wyoming. It limits visibility to any person or animal on the outside of your property, and it marks a clear border that is not easily crossed. Of course, a privacy fence alone cannot guarantee that no one will climb into your yard, but the deterrent will hinder most people and animals that may be looking to cause harm or steal by making entry incredibly more difficult.


For an additional level of protection with your privacy fence, explore added features such as cameras or barbed wire for even better insurance of defense, when needed.

The Strength of Privacy Fences in Wyoming

Every type of privacy fencing material in Wyoming has its own specific features that give the fence its strength. Our wood privacy fencing, for example, is built of quality lumber that can withstand high winds, rough contact from pets or children and the regular wear and tear of the years. At SWi Fence, we meet or exceed the industry guidelines and use only engineered steel Postmaster posts for the longest-lasting and strongest wood fence possible in our State of Wyoming.


The strength of chain link privacy fencing comes from it’s fully crafted galvanized steel frames and material that holds up well and is known for its durability for Wyoming properties. 

Vinyl privacy fencing also is built to last and manufactured of tough vinyl with the right thickness to hold up against the Wyoming winds and weather and look great at the same time without fading or warping.

Cash in on the Benefits of Wyoming Privacy Fencing with SWi!

Now that you know some of the main benefits of privacy fencing in Wyoming, choosing which fence is just a matter of getting your questions answered and planning your install. We’re here to help! At SWi Fence, we have the professional expertise and highly experienced staff you need to install a privacy fence that will last a lifetime. Contact our friendly staff by phone or through our website or utilize our easy instant online quote tool today!