The main considerations for installing a commercial fence are similar to those used when installing a residential fence. You’ll likely want to make your company’s property more visually appealing while also increasing privacy and boosting security. SWi Fence is a top Wyoming commercial fence contractor and we want to help you find the best fence for your business and your budget, so read on for some ideas of which type of fence is best for your property. 

Top Commercial Fence Options

Helping you invest in a fence that meets your site-specific needs, fits your budget, and balances security, durability, and aesthetics is our top priority. We have installed over 1,500 fences to date and understand the unique requirements of each project. As the leading Wyoming commercial fence installer, we offer fences in several styles and materials. Check out our commercial fencing gallery to see some of the many installations we have done, including industrial, construction, and oil company fence projects.  

Commercial Aluminum Fencing 

One of our popular industry fencing materials is aluminum. Strong, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to maintain, it is a great choice for industrial and commercial projects. This style of fence is perfect for high-traffic areas that need increased security. Available in three colors, our FenceCoat powder-coated finish will protect your fence from rust and additionally makes it scratch resistant. If you want to create a strong, safe boundary for your property that also looks professional and sleek, aluminum fencing is a great choice. 

Steel Fencing for Commercial Properties

You can’t get much stronger in fencing than steel! As the standard for security fencing, our ornamental steel fences made for commercial properties is the next level of strength to match the important need of protecting your business space. Ornamental steel is extraordinarily durable, able to withstand harsh weather conditions, and when coated with protective materials, these fences can outlast many other types of fencing. Because it is a stronger material, it can allow larger panels up to 8 feet long, needing fewer fence posts overall during installation.

Commercial Chain Link Fencing

Heavier gauge chain-link fencing is an affordable option for those looking to protect their property with strong, long-lasting materials. On average, chain-link fencing lasts for a minimum of 20 years. It is available in traditional galvanized steel, PVC coating, or polymer coating. PVC and polymer offer an additional barrier against rust and corrosion. If you need increased privacy for your property, we offer wooden privacy slats that can be woven into the fence links. All of these options make chain-link fencing a unique and customizable choice.

Wyoming Construction Fence and Temporary Fencing

Wyoming construction fence projects are slightly different than permanent fencing projects since they are designed to be temporary. While it may seem unnecessary to put up a fence for a temporary project, doing so will help to prevent illegal dumping and theft of valuable construction equipment. In addition, temporary fencing keeps people from wandering onto your project site, protecting both you and them. Chain-link panels are easily assembled and able to be moved or removed quickly, making them a great solution for your construction project needs. We also offer temporary silt fencing for projects in wetter areas. 

Gate Systems for Commercial Properties

No Wyoming commercial fence project is complete without a gate system. Automatic gate openers provide another element of safety and give you complete control over who has access to your property. Being able to control who can enter or exit your property ensures that you have no unwanted visitors to your business or property.  We offer solar-powered gate openers in addition to more traditional options. Whether you are looking for a simple swing gate or a large automatic system, we will help you plan your project to ensure that your property is secure. 

Work With The Best Wyoming Fence Company For Your Next Project

SWi Fence is the leading Wyoming commercial fence company and the top choice for your next commercial project. All of our expert Wyoming construction fence installers have taken the 8-hour SafeLand training and are H2S certified. Additionally, we are trained and able to work on oil and mining sites as we have MSHA and 30-hour OSHA training. We are industry leaders in industrial and commercial fence projects. We value the people and companies we work with in the communities we serve and have built our reputation on the qualities of integrity and service. Check out our project gallery to see what we can do for you. 

Additionally, our instant fence quote tool can provide you with a quick, initial estimate for your project. Simply enter your address and via Google Maps, our instant fence quote tool will pull up an aerial image of your property. Draw lines overtop the image and drag the lines to create a perimeter. Add gates, compare materials, and compare prices to easily put together an initial budget for your project. 

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