On your quest to find the perfect Wyoming residential fence, you might become curious about the difference between “privacy fences” and “semi-privacy fences.” How do these fences compare, and how do you know which type of fence is perfect for your Wyoming home? 

Whether you’re interested in blocking nosy neighbors, keeping the kids in, or preventing the dog from chasing down squirrels, one of these fences could be right for you. At SWi Fence, your trusted Wyoming fence company, we’re here to help you select your perfect fence, whatever your needs may be. Let’s explore and see which style comes out on top for you!

Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fencing

As the name suggests, semi-privacy fences offer significant privacy but don’t go as far as a full privacy fence. Semi-privacy fences may have some space between the pickets and generally offer more privacy than a decorative fence. Just like full-privacy fences, semi-privacy fences have their perks. Here are some features of semi-privacy fencing:

Airflow and Sunlight Can Pass Through

If you’re interested in installing a fence that allows some sunlight or a cool breeze to filter through while still adding privacy, then a semi-privacy fence may be the perfect solution for you. The spaces between pickets in a semi-privacy fence can help add light and airflow to your yard or outdoor living space. On a hot summer day, a cool breeze can make all the difference in the Wyoming heat!

Semi-Privacy Fences Can Add an Open Feeling

Full-privacy fences are fantastic for creating an enclosed space, but they can leave property owners feeling too enclosed or cut off from the outside world. However, the spaces between pickets of a semi-privacy fence are perfect for allowing some visibility, making it possible to see trees or other natural features outside of your fence. Semi-privacy fences from your Wyoming fence company can create the privacy you desire without completely closing you in.


Semi-privacy fences are a middle ground between Wyoming privacy fences and decorative fences. As a full-service Wyoming fence company, we offer a variety of styles of semi-privacy fences, including designs in wood, vinyl, and even chain link fences with PVC privacy slats. Privacy slats are long pieces of durable PVC that are woven into the chain link mesh to create a semi-private barrier. Available in various colors, semi-privacy chain link fences are a popular option for a Wyoming residential fence. 


If you’re interested in wood or vinyl, both of these materials offer semi-private designs for your Wyoming residential fence as well. We have many semi-privacy wood fence styles available that are more decorative than their full-privacy counterparts, allowing you to express your personal style. Our Pinterest page is stocked with great examples of our semi-privacy wood fences, so you can get some inspiration for your fence project.

Full-Privacy Fences From Our Wyoming Fence Company

By definition, a full-privacy fence provides a completely obstructed view of your property from the outside and prevents you from seeing outside of your property. These fences are created using pickets that are placed directly next to one another without any gaps. Full-privacy fences offer many other benefits in addition to blocking the view. Here are some other qualities of a full-privacy vinyl fence:

A Wyoming Privacy Fence Blocks Sound

Since full-privacy fences act as a continuous shield, they can help dampen external noises, such as bustling traffic or blaring music. Though a full-privacy fence might not eliminate unwanted sounds entirely, having this buffer can make your yard and home feel more serene, enhancing your outdoor relaxation.

Full-Privacy Fences May Be Easier to Clean

Full-privacy fences are designed with wood pickets closely aligned, leaving no gaps, or by using continuous vinyl sheets between posts. Regardless of the method, these fences lack spaces between the pickets, resulting in a reduced cleaning surface and eliminating the challenging gaps that can collect debris.

At our top-rated Wyoming fence company, we offer many types of full-privacy fences, including both vinyl full-privacy fences and wood full-privacy fences. We offer several colors of vinyl fences, which can be seen online on our vinyl fence page or in our showroom. Our experienced fence contractors have extensive experience constructing a wide range of wood fence styles, including numerous full-privacy options. 

Wyoming Residential Fence: Privacy Versus Semi-Privacy

Whether you choose a Wyoming residential fence to give you a fully enclosed property or one with a bit more openness, both full-privacy and semi-privacy fences are attractive and sturdy, creating a border around your yard that will give you peace of mind. They both provide benefits such as providing a barrier to keep your children and pets safely in your yard, giving your property added security, and boosting your curb appeal. 


Our team of experts is available to answer any questions you may have about fence installation. We supply fencing materials to customers throughout the Wyoming area, including both semi-privacy and full-privacy options. If you would like to use our professional installation services, check out our instant quote tool, which can help you compare the prices of different semi-privacy and full-privacy fences for your Wyoming property!

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