Many homeowners think of chain link fencing as more of a commercial material but it does deserve a spot on the list of good residential fencing options. It’s inexpensive, does not require painting, and offers a whole array of other benefits for homeowners. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Wyoming chain link fence and its many great qualities.

Chain Link is Affordable

Because a Wyoming chain link fence is so affordable in comparison to other fencing materials, it may enable homeowners to put up a fence more quickly or avoid financing their fence purchase. Additionally, although the price is significantly low, chain link fencing does not compromise on quality and reliability. Because modern chain link fences are made from galvanized steel they can last up to 20 years – which is longer than the average wooden fence. If you are looking for a strong fence with good visibility, but don’t want to pay a premium, chain link may be the best choice.

Durability With Wyoming Chain Link

A chain link fence possesses the ability to stand up strong to years of wear and tear. It is able to withstand most elements, so you do not have to worry about strong winds or storms destroying the structure. A chain link fence is made of galvanized steel where the steel wire is fabricated with zinc making it resistant to pest damage and rotting. Simply put, you do not have to worry about anything breaking down your chain link fence. 


Chain link does not attract dirt and debris, and it never needs painting or staining. Other than occasionally sweeping off leaves and cobwebs, there is little that you need to do to maintain a chain link fence. This makes chain link a particularly excellent choice for homeowners who are not interested in adding to their list of maintenance items.

Chain Link Is Dog-Friendly

A Wyoming chain link fence is a good option for many dog owners who want to keep their pets contained. While there is a trend towards invisible electric fencing, this underground fence only keeps dogs in – it does not keep people or animals out.


A chain link fence keeps passersby and other dogs from entering your yard and bothering your pet. Plus, it is not prone to malfunction like an electric fence, and you don’t have to keep a special collar on your dog to keep him in the yard.

Chain Link Allows For Visibility and Sunlight

Chain link does not have full privacy panels like a wood or vinyl privacy fence, but there are definitely situations in which homeowners want a fence that’s secure but not entirely solid. Perhaps you want to be able to look out at the surrounding landscape or chat with the neighbors through the fence. A chain link fence is a strong barrier, but you can see through it.


Chain link fencing also works well when you have landscaping that needs a lot of sunlight. A solid wood or vinyl fence may cast shade on a significant portion of your yard, making it difficult to grow certain plants. Sunlight passes through the holes in a chain link fence, so you can grow sunlight-dependent plants at its base without worry.

Chain Link Has Many Options

There are many ways to customize your chain link fence to make it suitable for your property. Typical chain link fences range from 3 feet to 12 feet in height, but it is possible to create an even taller fence if needed. You can choose the type of gate you prefer, such as a swing gate, a walkthrough gate, or an automatic sliding gate. 


You can even choose a colored PVC or Polymer coating instead of the traditional steel color. PVC is a plastic coating while Polymer is a powdered coating. Both options provide a rubberized coating on the metal to give it a nice look and softer feel, while also protecting it from rust and weather damage. PVC comes in a variety of colors with black, green, and brown being the most popular choices.


For some added privacy you might consider adding slat inserts into the link material which offers additional coverage and privacy for Wyoming homeowners. These slats can be customized to the color of your choice and are manually woven into the diamonds in the fence. 

More Chain Link Resources

We have even more information about Wyoming chain link fence on our website that can give you further inspiration. A great way to get a quote on a Wyoming chain link fence for your home is with our instant fence estimator. Our estimator utilizes Google Maps to give you the ability to find your property and provides you with an aerial view. You can easily design a fence right onto the map image of your property and y also add gates during the design process. Just drag the fence perimeter lines onto the image and it will draw your fence where you want it. Pick your material and it will give you an estimate of how much your fence will cost.

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