When investing in a Wyoming fence, you only want the best for your property. SWi Fence always uses the best professional-grade fence materials for our customers’ fences instead of the lower-quality materials found at a big-box retailer. In this blog, we will discuss the disadvantages of purchasing fencing materials from a big box store rather than working with a top-rated Wyoming fence company on your next fence project.

Professional Materials vs. Big Box Store Fences: The Basics

Professional fencing materials are high-quality materials used by top-rated fence companies in Wyoming, like SWi Fence. Big box stores, on the other hand, are large chains of hardware stores that sell subpar fence materials to clients at a significant markup. Using high-quality, professional-grade fence materials assures a safe and long-lasting boundary around your Wyoming property. 


Unlike big-box retailers focused only on profit margins, we focus on delivering high-quality fences built with long-lasting materials. Our Wyoming fence company’s professional-grade fencing solutions provide the perfect balance between security and longevity for your Casper, Wyoming residential fence or commercial fence. Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid big box store fencing materials and instead choose one of Wyoming’s top-rated fence companies!

Benefits of Professional-Grade Materials

The Expertise of the SWi Fence Team

Fence contractors, unlike employees at big box stores, offer experience and technical expertise for every fence installation project. Our team of professionals understands that each home improvement project, including fencing, requires a combination of technical knowledge, training, and hands-on experience to provide a high-quality result.


We have examples of many of our completed fencing projects as well as the knowledge and experience to assist you in choosing the best fence style for your property. Employees in big-box stores do not have the same level of experience as members of our professional team. We can help you choose the best material for your home, your needs, and your aesthetic preferences.

SWi Fence’s Broad Selection of Top-Quality Materials

As professional fence contractors, we have a large inventory of wholesale fencing materials at our disposal, allowing us to accommodate any installation. Big box stores, in comparison, offer a limited selection of fencing materials based on what they believe customers will purchase. While these items are aesthetically appealing, they lack durability.


SWi Fence also sells professional-grade fencing materials to other fence contractors and DIY enthusiasts online. We provide materials that not only look great but are also made to last, providing both durability and style. Our top-rated Wyoming fence company works with many fencing manufacturers who provide manufacturer warranties so your Casper, Wyoming residential fence is fully protected in the event of a manufacturing defect. We take great pride in our materials and installations, and we prove that to our customers with our workmanship warranty. Explore our testimonials page to discover the positive experiences shared by our satisfied customers.

Personalized Fence Installation Services

While big-box stores offer a wide range of fencing options that can accommodate most installations, it’s important to remember that not every property suits a one-size-fits-all solution. Your property may have unique characteristics that require a customized approach to a Casper, Wyoming residential fence installation or special installation techniques.


Rely on an expert fence installation service to ensure a perfect installation tailored to your specific soil conditions, elevation changes, existing obstructions, and local climate, providing you with peace of mind. Our experts are skilled at cutting fence materials to the proper length, ensuring they are perfect for your landscape. With their expertise, you can achieve a truly tailored and visually appealing fence that enhances the overall aesthetics of your property.

A Low-Maintenance, Long-Lasting Choice

Big box stores prioritize profits; therefore, you’ll find their fencing products at high retail prices, often compromising on quality. Unfortunately, most of these materials come with no warranty or installation, leaving you out of luck if the fence breaks. They also may use lower-quality fasteners, stains, paints, and materials, making them susceptible to damage over time.


Each fence component plays an important role in ensuring you get a high-quality installation. Low-quality lumber, inferior concrete mix, and non-galvanized fasteners from big box stores can all contribute to a Casper, Wyoming residential fence that is unable to withstand harsh weather conditions and impacts. Our professional-grade materials will ensure that your fence will withstand daily use without the need for frequent maintenance.

Discover the SWi Fence Difference: Your Go-To Wyoming Fence Installation Experts

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