Have you noticed that the cost of fencing in Wyoming has increased in the past several months? I bet you have! Price increases on fencing are not limited to Wyoming. This is impacting the entire fence industry. It seems like every day, I am asked by homeowners and business owners alike, about what is going on with the price of fencing. Here is what I am telling them…


What Has Caused Fence Prices in Wyoming to Increase Recently?

We are in the “perfect storm” to cause problems for the fence industry (and just about every other industry).


Obviously, the big culprit is Covid. There is no question that Covid has impacted everything … so the price of fencing and the supply chain within the fencing industry are certainly no exception. Many manufacturers and suppliers were forced to shut down completely or (at least) severely cut back their operations as a result of Covid mandates in their states.


While Wyoming is open for business, some states still have restrictions. Some of these states have large fence manufacturers, suppliers, and/or transportation services that just aren’t able to operate at 100% yet.


There are also weather-related issues. Texas has had some bad luck with freezing temperatures and hurricanes this past year. A lot of the raw materials used to make vinyl fencing run through Texas at some point. Some of those factories still aren’t operating at their full potential.


The price increases of wood fencing in Wyoming are caused by a completely different set of circumstances. Recent dramatic changes to our trade policy with Canada has choked the supply chain of wood! The U.S. imports the vast majority of our wood from Canada. I’m certainly not going to use a blog article to air my political grievances … but these crazy price increases on wood fencing are a direct result of government trade policies.


Should I Wait to Buy a Fence in Wyoming Until the Prices Come Down?

Probably not.


If anything, we expect the price of wood and vinyl to keep rising over the next year. Aluminum is set to absolutely explode in price (this is a topic for a different article). I suggest that you consider buying your fence now, before prices go up even further!


The manufacturers we talk to are telling us they expect fence prices to continue to rise (at least) through the end of this year … and there is no indication when they might start to drop (if ever).



A Fence is Still a Great Investment


Don’t let the price of fencing keep you from beautifying your home and protecting your family! Fences in Wyoming are still a great value as compared to many other home improvements. Additionally, because of the privacy and security issues associated with most types of fences, what are these things worth? … Most people agree, they are more than worth the recent price increases on fencing.