Ensuring the safety of your family and loved ones on your residential property and the assets on your commercial properties is one of the most attractive reasons to install a fence. However, not all fences are created equally in terms of ensuring the safety of your family and property. At SWi Fence, a trusted Wyoming fence company, we have many options for effective security fences to safeguard your assets. In this article, we will share the most important qualities to consider when choosing a security fence. 

7 Qualities of an Effective Security Fence

A great security fence will help keep you safe and provide you with peace of mind. There are many good options for security fences from our premier Wyoming fence company, including chain link fences, vinyl fences, steel fences, and wood fences. Below, we will outline the various qualities to consider when choosing the security fence that is right for you. 

#1 – Fences with Good Visibility

Installing a security fence with clear sight lines will help keep your property safe by reducing the ability to move around outside of your property unnoticed. Choosing a fence with good visibility, such as a chain link fence, reduces the ability for any potential criminals to sneak around your fence line and search for an entry point. Criminals are typically looking for a property that is easy to target; by adding a privacy fence with good visibility, potential wrongdoers may reconsider targeting your home.

By installing a fence with increased visibility, you will be able to alert the authorities about any suspicious activity you’re seeing outside of your property before someone enters. A security fence with good visibility will help deter burglars and keep your residential property safe!

#2 – Increased Height

Tall fences are daunting and pose a difficult challenge to anyone looking to climb a residential or commercial security fence. Some of the fence options available at our Wyoming fence company come in a variety of heights; our high-quality vinyl fences are typically four, six, or eight feet tall. 


Taller security fences make scaling your fence a significant challenge to anyone attempting to climb over and enter your yard without permission. Additionally, installing a tall security fence will make removing any of your possessions very challenging. Remember, always check your local zoning laws to ensure your desired fence is allowed!

#3 – Reduce Hiding Places

One major advantage of a security fence with good visibility is that it allows you to see any potential intruders. You can help protect your loved ones even further by eliminating potential hiding places along your fence line. Structures such as bushes, playgrounds, dog houses, and storage sheds can reduce your ability to see would-be intruders lurking around your yard. 


By installing a privacy fence from our top-rated Wyoming fence company and minimizing hiding places in your yard, you can help protect your property. 

#4 – Challenging to Climb

Choosing a security fence that is difficult to climb will deter any wrongdoers looking for an easy-to-access property. One way to increase the effectiveness of your security fence is to choose a fence with fewer horizontal rails. Horizontal rails provide a foothold to anyone attempting to climb over the top of your fence. Our top-notch aluminum fences and ornamental steel fences can be installed with very few potential footholds, helping to keep your home more secure!

#5 – Choose Strong Materials

With enough determination, time, and motivation, nearly any fence can be cut, bent, or otherwise breached. At our trusted Wyoming fence company, we carry a variety of durable fence options for your home or residential property. At SWI Wyoming, we install sturdy cedar wood fences that are built to withstand almost any challenge thrown their way! 


When installing a security fence, choose the highest grade possible for the material you choose. For instance, a commercial-grade aluminum fence or chain link fence will be stronger than the standard residential grade. Our team of fence experts would love to work with you to find the right material grade for your next security fence project!

#6 – Additional Deterrents Along the Fence Top

Another way to keep your assets protected is to install deterrents along the top of your security fence. Fences with spikes along the top rail, such as decorative aluminum fences, will prevent intruders from easily climbing over your fence. By installing sharp pickets or other deterrents, any lawbreakers will face difficulty grabbing onto the and crawling over the top of your fence.


Other deterrents for your security fence include barbed wire toppers for chain link fences. Barbed wire toppers make a suitable addition to commercial security fences and will help safeguard your assets. 

#7 – Lighting and Security Cameras

Installing security lights and cameras will increase the efficacy of all of the other security measures we have discussed so far. Intruders may think twice about targeting a property that is well-lit and monitored by security cameras. Any wrongdoers will have more difficulty remaining unnoticed at night if your fence and property are well-lit.  Security cameras that are installed near your fence can help you alert the authorities about potential burglars and keep your home safe. Sneaking around in the dark will no longer be an option with adequate lighting and security cameras!

More Things to Consider with a Top Wyoming Fence Company

At SWi Fence of Wyoming, we want to help keep your property safe and secure with one of our high-quality security fences. We offer aluminum fences, steel fences, wood fences, chain link fences, and vinyl fences in various styles to meet your needs and requirements. We also install solar-powered gates and gates with remote openers to suit your needs.


When you’re ready to design your residential or commercial security fence, let the expert fence installers at SWi Fence of Wyoming help you with the process. You can use our online estimator tool designed by the experts at mySalesman to get a quick, easy quote in just a few minutes. 

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