Any Wyoming home or business can benefit in multiple ways from a professionally built and installed fence. Unavoidably, after some time passes, no matter how well the job was done and how high quality the material, fences break down, just like everything else. A lot of factors determine how long a fence will last, like regular sealing or cleaning and the material it is made with, but after many years the time will come when your fence has seen its last days

With regular maintenance, fences can last quite a long while, and at times, repairs also can be made when a couple boards rot or some hardware gets rusty. At a certain point, there comes a time when paying for repairs just isn’t worth the hassle anymore and your fence isn’t doing the job you need it to.

How can you know for sure when it’s time for a new Wyoming fence? Here’s a few signs to keep in mind.


Sign #1: Holes in Your Wood Fence

Every wood fence is known to warp, rot and break after many years and their usefulness has worn out. You’ll know your Wyoming fence needs attention when you can start to see through any part of the wood material. Sometimes, it might just need repairs if only a couple boards have holes, but if the hole problem is widespread, most likely the damage is more significant.

Large holes and gaps from warping show signs that even if you do have repairs done, your wood fence’s integrity is compromised. Time causes damage through elements like the UV rays from the sun, harsh weather and even regular use. The most typical and obvious UV radiation effect is the fading of your fence’s color that can gradually reach a pale gray tint. 

The impact of aging on wood fences is also seen through the cracking and warping that happens because of its natural material that dries out as it ages. When you begin to notice the color of your fence changing, take a look at the rest of your fence a little closer to check for additional indicators of damage.

Sign #2: Wyoming Steel Fences with Extensive Rust

For a longer-lasting fence, Wyoming steel fences often go through a process called galvanization where the entire fence is coated with special materials to resist rust. As compounds break down over years, the steel underneath will eventually begin to rust as well. Inspecting your new fence yearly is highly recommended as looking it over can help catch rust problems early and make sure you get the most life out of your fence. 

Rust is an inevitable challenge over time with steel fences in Wyoming. Spot repairs can be made once you find any rusty patches in your fence by sanding each place to remove the damage. Once sanded, a quality rust-resistant paint can be applied to your fence to protect it from further issues.

When you’ve made so many repairs your fence looks spotty and it becomes overwhelming to keep up with the rust in your Wyoming steel fence, you know you have a sure sign to bite the bullet and call the fence professionals for a new fence replacement. Replacing your steel fence with a new aluminum fence from SWi Fence is a suggestion we highly recommend as aluminum can create a similar look and isn’t susceptible to rust.

Sign #3: Leaning Fences in Wyoming

A leaning fence is one big red flag that’ll show your Wyoming fence is problematic. Considering your fence is only as strong as its posts, a leaning fence is often an indicator that something is wrong with the posts underground. Sometimes, this can be due to the ground shifting which can move the entire cement footing holding the post in place.

Other times, it’s simply that the wood fence posts are rotting from moisture or age. Either way, repairs of a leaning fence tend to be more difficult and expensive than they’re worth and often by that time, the rest of the fence is also in bad shape. Once that happens, time to call the experts at SWi and get advice about next steps for your new fencing needs.

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