Picture this, a beautiful home set on a gorgeous, private property. Now picture a perfectly placed fence in a complimentary style and color outlining the land. For property in Wyoming, residential fencing adds a list of benefits when it’s installed. Not only for looks, but also for many other reasons we will outline for you here. 

Residential Fencing in Wyoming for Privacy

The ability to provide a space of privacy in one’s own home and property is one of the most significant benefits of residential fencing in Wyoming. It is especially helpful when you have close neighbors, but even if you don’t, if your house is visible to the street and people passing by it is a benefit to create privacy.

 Coming in a range of styles, sizes and materials, our residential fences can create whatever level of privacy you desire. Let us know what your priorities are, and we will help you design the fence of your dreams!

Security Features of Residential Fencing

In addition to creating privacy space, residential fencing can also be a deterrent to burglars or trespassers in Wyoming. Homes without fencing automatically are more likely to be susceptible to break-ins and may be the first target for a thief scanning the neighborhood for easy targets. 

When a fence is put up at a Wyoming property, it naturally communicates to all that your home and security are important to you. It can also give others the impression that you may also have protective dogs and other security systems like alarms or cameras installed. 

Installing a residential fence is a great way to create a border around your property to keep the things you want in and the things you want to stay out on the right sides of your property line. No matter what level of security you wish to have for your Wyoming home, a fence is a perfect place to start. 

Wyoming Residential Pool Fencing

Wyoming homes with pools are an important reason to install residential fencing. Without a fence, your pool is vulnerable to stray animals and open for anyone to wander in. This can not only be uncomfortable for you to have someone else coming onto your property, but it can be a liability and safety issue if someone falls in or cannot swim and gets in the water. 

A residential pool fence is necessary to protect yourself and establish privacy at your Wyoming property. Coming in a range of styles and materials, determining which one is best will be your call! Check out the options in our residential fencing pages and you’ll see that there is a wide array of choices in many privacy levels, too. 

Decorative Residential Fencing in Wyoming

Fences all across Wyoming are used for various purposes, but one obvious reason is easy to see. You want your property to look great and fences are a great investment for decorative purposes. You don’t have to choose just one reason to buy a fence. All of the reasons are just as important. From privacy to security and appearance, residential fencing in Wyoming is a no-brainer addition to boost your curb appeal and your property value bottom line. No matter your preference, we can help you find a fence that fits your design needs to match your home and property. 


Residential Fencing for Wyoming: Popular Types

SWi Fence offers a wide range of residential fence styles and materials to decide between. Take a look at what we have to offer in terms of personalization and preferences.

Wyoming Wood Residential Fences

Check out our wood residential fencing for both beauty and durability. Wood can stand up to the harsh Wyoming weather and provide a classic look that fits right in with the scenery. One of the best features of wood tends to be its versatility and price point among its competitors. You can customize wood fences in height, style and color beyond the ability of most other fencing materials. Adding value to your home, wood residential fences can be the perfect choice.

Chain Link Residential Fencing in Wyoming

Residential chain link fencing options in Wyoming provide practicality and strength for a simple, easy solution to secure your home and land. Chain link can be customized to an extent and is one of the more economical ways to get the functionality you need from a solid fence. 

Vinyl Fencing for Wyoming Residents

Due to its design, low maintenance stats and its durability, vinyl residential fencing is a commonly installed fence material for many of our Wyoming customers. Additionally, vinyl doesn’t fade in color, is resilient in the weather conditions of Wyoming and can be customized in height, style and color. Check out the pros and cons to discover if it’s right for you. 

Aluminum Residential Fencing in Wyoming

Another nearly maintenance-free fencing material is our aluminum residential fencing. Aluminum creates a terrific alternative to protect and beautify your property while also adding value and protection. This type of fence can be used for privacy and security in a wide range of scenarios for your Wyoming home.

Excited to Get Started on Your Residential Fencing Project?

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