Privacy Fences

We Build Custom Privacy Fences

There are a variety of reasons you might be looking at fence installation companies. Whether you are trying to get a little privacy, want to keep a pet reigned in, or simply love the look of a certain type of fencing, we can help you. No matter what type of fence you need or why, we are the fence installation service for you, and this includes privacy fences. As one of the largest fencing companies in Wyoming, you can bet that we have built our fair share of privacy fences over the years.

Privacy fence installation can really help you, your family, home, and or business feel safer and more secure. Privacy fences are an easy, attractive way to get the seclusion you are after. We are proud to offer privacy fence installation as one of our premier fencing services. Our privacy fence installers know how to get the job done right, and have been doing so for years, so you can rest assured that your privacy fence will be installed quickly and with little difficulty.


Get More Comfortable in Your Yard with a Privacy Fence

A key reason home and business owners look at fencing options and invest in fence installations is to get more privacy on their property. And this is exactly what a properly constructed privacy fence will bring you. Privacy fences help you to create a more private and secluded space on your property, letting you enjoy it more thoroughly. You will not have to worry about strangers or neighbors prying into your business when you invest in a privacy fence.

A privacy fence has all of the benefits that a normal fence has, in acting as a physical barrier to your home, but also protects you from prying eyes. For this reason, privacy fences are usually composed of a denser material than some other fencing types you might see out there. If composed of something like chain link, for example, a privacy fence will usually have a second component woven through, to add opacity to the fence. Privacy fences truly allow you to create an isolated oasis for your yard, one that you and your family will feel fully at ease in.


The Right Height for the Right Privacy Fence

The primary purpose behind buying a privacy fence is to get a little more privacy. In order for your new privacy fence to do so, it must be the right height to block casual observance of your yard and home or business. If you build a privacy fence too tall, you might block out more than you need to, including valuable natural light. However, a privacy fence that is too short does not even perform its most essential function, and so is equally ill advised.

SWi, LLC is a leading fence provider for the state of Wyoming, and we have handled over 1000 different fencing projects. So when we say we know how to properly install a privacy fence, we mean it. We know how to take into account the layout of your home, yard, and the surrounding area to give you a privacy fence at the perfect height. We will work with you to find out exactly what you want out of your privacy fence, and then build you a custom privacy fence that meets those needs.


Ease of Mind with our Amazing Privacy Fences

There might be a few privacy fence installation services out there, but we are the best for a reason. The home and business of Wyoming have chosen SWi, LLC time and time again, allowing us to grow into the large scale privacy fence company we are today. We are the fencing company the community knows it can rely upon for any and all of their privacy fence installation needs

Here at SWi, LLC, we only offer the best types of fences available. Whether you want chain link, cedar, or more, we are happy to help you find the best type of fence material for your privacy fence. We are so confident in our fence material, we even sell it to other, smaller contractors. All of our privacy fences are constructed out of high grade, industry standard materials. Let us show you some of the best types of fences of each variety, and help you pick what will work best for your new privacy fence.