How Commercial Gates Can Improve Safety

How Commercial Gates Improve Safety

Commercial gates help to strengthen those weak spots, and ensure that they are as secure as the rest of your business.  A commercial gate for your business or facility can add a level of security, privacy, and convenience that you simply cannot achieve with a more traditional gate and fence. We offer commercial gates in dozens of different aesthetic options, and at all different levels of security, from the most basic to the most secure. We can and have done it all, from basic driveway gates, to complicated gating systems for prisons. If you really want to invest in the ease of mind that comes with added security, we suggest you look into some of our commercial gating options.

Enhanced Security

The primary reason prospective clients look into commercial gates is for the added security that they provide. Any sort of fence will add more security to your business and any sort of gate will enhance that security, but commercial gates take it a step farther. A traditional gate is a structure designed to be opened or closed manually, allowing access through a fence. Traditional gates add some security, as opposed to an unprotected opening in a fence, but it is very minimal compared to what a commercial gate offers.

SWi, LLC is one of the largest fencing companies in the business, and we have handled fence and gating projects of all different sizes and levels of security, from private property up to state detention centers and large scale oil mining sites. So we are able to offer our residential clients a level of added security that they cannot get with more traditional gating options. We offer commercial gates that you cannot get at your local hardware store, and will customize the project to fit your needs.

Added Convenience

A commercial gate does not just add security, it also adds convenience to your fence project. Whether you are looking into getting a fence installed, midway through fence installation, or already have a fence you love, a commercial gate can be a great option to upgrade your fence and bring it into the modern world. Technological innovations in security and convenience are being made everyday, and we bring some of those innovations to you in the form of upgraded commercial gates.

You will love what our automatic gate openers can add to your business or facility. An automatic gate opener means that you will not have to emerge from your car to open and close your gate. This saves you time and added hassle, and will be especially useful and appreciated if inclement weather is afoot. And a sensor in your car is just the beginning. You can have private entry gates with a keypad. You can remotely program and control your gate, setting it to open or close at certain times of day or night. We even offer solar powered gate openers, as a more green option. We have dozens of different gate options to choose from to make your life more convenient.

gate operator installationDifferent commercial gate Options

Our commercial gate options are not only about added convenience. As we have mentioned, we do offer many different features that can be added on to any commercial gate to enhance the convenience of your experience. But we also have added security features as an option. We want to help make your facility secure, but also keep it simple for you to get in and out when you need to. All of the hassle should be saved for unwanted visitors. We can help you enhance security with added features to your commercial gate such as coded keypad entry, private keycard monitoring, and even surveillance cameras installed as part of your commercial gate.

We offer all of this and more to get you the security and convenience you deserve, but we do not stop there. There is another important facet to consider when it comes to your commercial gate, and that is the aesthetic.