SWi Gate Operators


Why Gate Operators are Important

Gate operators provide an extra level of security and control over your property that you simply do not get with a more traditional fence and gate installation. Installing a gate operator is not just for convenience. Yes, a gate operator will let you drive onto your property without getting in and out of your car to pull open and shut a gate behind you. But a gate operator does so much more than keep you dry when it is raining. Our gates and operators can give you a truly customizable level of security.

SWi, LLC got into the gate operator business back in 2002, with a large scale industrial fencing contract from the Wyoming Department of Corrections. They needed large, overhead track gate operators at the Wyoming State Penitentiary, which of course had to be high security. We were able to install these gates and operators efficiently, and help keep the area secure. After completing this job, you can easily see why SWi, LLC can handle any and all of your gate operator needs, from simple convenient electric gates for driveways, all the way up to the highest security level gates.

SWi, LLC Builds Secure Gate Operators

SWi, LLC has been trusted to build some of the securest gates in the state, so you know you can believe us when we say we know how to give you a secure gate and operator. We build all sorts of different gate operators of all different security levels all across the western U.S. and can build yours too. Although not yet required in the state of Wyoming, all of our gate operators adhere to strict UL 325 guidelines concerning gate safety, ensuring that our gate operators not only function properly, but also do so safely.

We build safe and secure gate operators of all varieties, including everything from simple keypad entry to the more complex use of proximity cards and radio transmitters. Our gate operators can be built with the ability to be opened and closed remotely, and can even allow you to monitor and control access by personel with the use of proximity cards and radio transmitters. We let you fully customize your level of security and clearance, and can program remote control of your gate operator to work on a phone or computer, allowing you even more control over your home or business. The security of your gate operator can even be further enhanced with the addition of a video camera network, which you can have access to on location or remotely.

Gate Operator Maintenance

One often underestimated aspect of fence and gate operator security is maintenance. We promise we do not slack in this arena. We provide regular maintenance on all of our gate operators to keep them up and running smoothly and safely. The last thing we want is for something to fail either mechanically or electronically with your gate operator, so we make sure to stay on top of routine maintenance.

We regularly service and maintain any gate operators we install, checking for any common issues, and repairing any issues we might encounter. We also are quick to respond to any calls in the unlikely event of problems with gate operation. We will be at your door ready to solve any issue as soon as humanly possible. Our gate operator technicians are highly skilled and excellent both at spotting any potential issues and at solving them quickly and efficiently. In fact, we are seen as so capable and reliable, that we not only service our own gate operators, we have also received many service contracts repairing and maintaining gate operators poorly installed by other companies.

We Have Built Gate Operators for Many Satisfied Customers

Our gate operators are some of the most secure and well built in the industry. We are trusted by the state to build gate operators with an extremely high level of security, handle all routine and emergency maintenance and repairs, and can customize both the aesthetic and security level of any gate operator you want installed in your home or business. All of these factors help explain why SWi, LLC is one of the most trusted gate operator installers in the country.

We perform according to some of the most rigorous safety guidelines when it comes to gate operators, and our tem of gate operator technicians and electricians is skilled and experienced enough to get any gate installed quickly and safely. Our work in the field of gate operators began in 2002, but it continues to this day, and we are dedicated to maintaining our stellar reputation as an honest and diligent gate operator installer. Some of our many satisfied customers include the Wyoming State Penitentiary, FedEx Ground, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Marathon Oil Company, El Paso, Wyoming National Guard, and many many more. Let us make you the next name on that list, and hire us to build you a great gate operator.