Four Types of Automatic Gate Openers

Four Types of Automatic Gate Openers

Security is everything. Having gate operators gives you that extra control security for your property. You don’t often get that with traditional fences and gates. Gate operators come in different kinds. They’re not just there so you don’t have to get out of your car when it’s pouring with rain; they offer unrivaled security.

Automatic Gate Openers

If you want security and convenience, a gate opener is just the ticket. There are a few different types due to the different kinds of gates that exist already that can be automatic in their opening and closing. So, what kinds of openers are there?

Linear Ram Gate Openers

This is the most commonly found type of gate opener. It is used on swing gates. There are different ways that the arm is operated such as a screw jack or worm drive. The arm is retracted by its attachment to the motor which reduces its length and therefore opens the gate with the reverse motion to close it again.

They have an affordable price and therefore are popular. They’re not difficult to install either and can be attached from post to gate with the motor’s strength increasing if the gate is heavier.

Underground Gate Openers

An underground motor is a popular kind of gate opener. They’re popular because they are a subtle addition to your gate and are more aesthetically pleasing than some visible gate openers. They are in protective cases under the ground with a drive arm that connects to the lower part of the gate. The installation is a little more complex than other types of gate opener, which means that this type is a little more expensive.

Articulated Automatic Gate Opener Arms

A motor with an articulated arm is amongst the best type of automatic openers for gates that are smaller or have bigger pillars and it would be difficult to fit a straight-armed ram opener too. The arm in this motor type is hinged and therefore they can reach round objects that are wider. If you have large gate posts, this one might be the best choice. They’re versatile too, giving most swing gates automation with relative ease.

Sliding Gate Openers

A sliding automated opener has a cog with teeth that are joined to the gate, which opens in your chosen direction. With this type of gate opener, it’s important to think about power. If the gate is on the large side, you’re going to need more power so that it ends up opening up the full distance.

Open Sesame!

Whatever style of gate you have, there’s an automatic gate opener that could fit onto it. We know that for you, your security is paramount. Moreover, having the security work from the comfort of your car when you pull up on the driveway after work is what most of us want. A simple press of a button and ‘hey presto!’ the gate is open! Linear Ram, Underground, Articulate or Sliding – the choice is up to you.

If you need some more help figuring out what gate opener option is best for you, our team is here to help. We have been helping home owners and businesses across Wyoming since 2002. Contact us today at SWi and we will make sure that you come away with the right agricultural fence for your farm!