Are your playgrounds stuck in the past? Do they lack creative play or contemporary design?

SWi represents the leaders in the industry when it comes to quality and design.  We are proud to represent Playcraft’s product lines for outdoor exercise equipment and play structures from basic to the advanced.  Regardless of whether your age focus is 2-5 or 5-12, Playcraft offers equipment to challenge even the most active kids.  If a more contemporary or urban design is what you desire, Berliner Seilfabrik has you covered.  Their unique play structures will challenge the most active adult while remaining safe and fun for younger children.


Playcraft has been an industry leader since its inception.  They realize that careful attention to detail is what continues to propel their business.  Each and every weld is inspected and prepared prior to coating.  You won’t find pin holes and splatter to weaken the structure or scratch delicate hands.  Once the surfaces have been thoroughly prepared, they are coated with the thickest powder coating or vinyl coating in the industry.  Living in the West, we recognize that the sun poses a big threat to surfaces. With double powder coated posts and rails, your Playcraft equipment will shine on for years to come.


Berliner Seilfabrik prides itself on offering unique and challenging rope climbing structures as well as other activities.  To maintain an industrial contemporary design, most of what they offer is manufactured from stainless steel and aluminum.  The durability and rugged looks of both are sure to endure even the toughest environments.  The result is a stunning play structure that begs the question, “Should you play on art”?


Perhaps you already have existing play equipment and are just looking to enhance the site.  SWi can assist you as well.  We offer site furnishings such as trash receptacles, picnic tables, benches, pet stations, bike racks, and much more.  Also available are many safety surfacing options to upgrade any play structure such as rubber mulch, rubber tiles, artificial turf and poured in place surfacing.


SWi can help you keep things cool in the summer with shade and shelter structures.  Our cloth shade structures can be useful in protecting and cooling play areas, picnic tables, spectator bleachers, dugouts and much more.  If your application is more demanding, we also offer steel shelters that are engineered for your specific usage.


Together with our partners, SWi can work with you to create an entertaining environment for your target audience.  From conception to completion, you will be impressed with the professional staff at SWi.  Unlike many other firms, SWi sells, installs and constructs most playgrounds with our professionally trained in-house staff.  Because we don’t rely on others to install your equipment, we are better able to control the schedule and quality.  Additionally, we offer other amenities that routinely accompany playground projects such as concrete work, fencing and landscape services.  This eliminates the need to work with many different companies to complete your park and playground projects.



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